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New Measuring Microscopes Offers More Functionality and Usability

The Nikon MM-series of industrial measuring microscopes has been periodically upgraded since the early 1950s, but not to such an extent as during the latest, sixth makeover. The new generation was unveiled at the Control 2023 exhibition.

The company has announced that the new MM-400N and MM-800N series measuring microscopes will be available from the end of May 2023. Now both series have aperture diaphragm control on the diascopic illuminator, which allows an operator to adjust the aperture to optimize both contrast and resolution. It is also possible to set the lighting conditions for measuring cylindrical products.

The newly developed diascopic LED illuminator has both white and green light sources, allowing the operator to change easily from one color to the other by pressing a switch on the front of the microscope, without having to insert or remove a filter. Furthermore, by integrating the diascopic illuminator into the main body of the measuring microscope, the depth of the instrument has been shortened by 30 mm, reducing the installation footprint.

As part of the makeover, Nikon has modernized the appearance of the measuring microscopes, which sport the company’s new, clean-white and black livery. Furthermore, power consumption has been reduced by 10%1 compared to the former MM-400/MM-800 series models. The manufacturer provides environmentally friendly products and complies with the RoHS Directive and other laws and regulations2.

Many component parts are common to the new and previous series models, including the measurement stage, objective lenses, and optical accessories, which a user can continue to use for simple, accurate and highly reproducible measurement applications.

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