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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – September 19th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Third Generation Professional-Grade 3D Scanners Launched

Creaform, worldwide leader in portable 3D measurement solutions has announced the release of peel 3 and peel 3.CAD, all-new 3D scanners that offer the best 3D scanning value. These professional-grade scanners will provide amazingly high performance, great versatility, and unmatched affordability to anyone who needs it … read more

Multisensor CMM Drives Fast Production Line Quality Control

Since the first Lotus car was built in 1948, the company has been a beacon in the automotive industry for the design and manufacture of high performance cars born out of legendary success on the racetrack. The Emira, is by far the most accurate model ever … read more

Faster AI-Driven Scans Bring CT To The Factory Floor

When Lumafield, a developer of accessible X-ray CT technology, emerged from stealth in April 2022, it offered the world’s first accessible industrial X-ray CT platform. Lumafield’s Neptune industrial CT scanner is an order of magnitude less expensive than legacy systems, and it brought this powerful technology to engineering teams … read more

Machine Vision Solution Accelerating Smart Manufacturing

Manufacturing will never be the same again: the industry has taken a quantum leap forward in the past 12 months with smart factories becoming a core component of Industry 4.0. Designed to meet the needs of today’s market, these high-tech factories of the future are more computerised, connected and digitised … read more

Revolutionary Digital Sheet Metal Forming Technology Announced

Desktop Metal, a leader in additive manufacturing technologies for mass production, has announced the launch of the Figur G15 — the first commercial platform of its kind to shape standard sheet metal on demand directly from a digital design file using all-new, patent-pending Digital Sheet Forming (DSF) technology … read more

New Automated 3D Laser Scanning Metrology Systems Launched

Optical Gaging Products (OGP) has expanded its family of automated 3D laser scanning systems with the addition of the ShapeGrabber Ai320 and the ShapeGrabber Ai820. ShapeGrabber 3D laser scanning systems are metrology-class machines that combine powerful laser and camera technology to capture up to 1.5 million data points per second … read more

‘Future of Manufacturing’ Report Released

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and Autodesk, Inc. have released the results of their collaborative multiphase research project on the ‘Future of Manufacturing.’ To provide industry and academic guidance for advanced manufacturing, ASME and Autodesk conducted a research study from August 2021 through May 2022 that investigated … read more

Smart Machining With Metrology Feedback

AAT3D returned to IMTS to showcase its latest on-machine measurement and metrology solutions for the ‘Smart Manufacturing’ era. Demonstrations included CappsNC in action on a DMG MORI DMU50 machine performing multi-axis, in-machine, non-contact scanning using a NIKON laser scanning sensor and touch-probe CAD-based measurement programs and reporting … read more

Nikon Announces Investment in Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies

Nikon Corporation (Nikon) has announced an investment in Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies Global, Inc. (HMT). HMT, an award-winning industry leader in additive manufacturing (AM), successfully created an approach that enables users to integrate additive tools onto any platform. This groundbreaking technology allows users to take full advantage of the manufacturing process by … read more

Software Innovations Characterize 2022 ZEISS 3D Metrology Software

ZEISS pushes metrology software solutions to the next level with the release 2022 of ZEISS 3D metrology software which is bundled on a single platform which additionally offers many digital services. Introduced recently as ZEISS Quality Suite, the platform offers the range of software products that were mainly established through GOM … read more

Surface Roughness Tester Features Integrated Bluetooth and USB Connection

The new LiteSurf system from Flexbar features integrated Bluetooth and USB connection to Android Smartphones, Tablets and PC’s allowing a quick and easy way to transmit surface roughness measurements. Thanks to the included Roughness Studio Basic APP, information can easily be stored and shared with the rest of the world … read more

Work-Instruction Platform Modernizes Inspection Processes Through Digitization

The days of a cumbersome, paper-based approach to inspections, audits, and quality checks is over. Routine but critical processes like inspections are benefiting from advanced applications such as the augmented reality (AR) enabled work-instruction platform, Manifest, from Taqtile. The Manifest enterprise SaaS platform is digitizing complex inspection processes, delivering more … read more

Renishaw Report Record Year For Revenue and Profit

Renishaw has reported a record year for both revenue and adjusted profit before tax. Revenue for 2022 financial year was £671.1m ($771.8) – 19% higher than FY2021 revenue of £565.6m ($650.4) which was achieved against a backdrop of a global recovery in all of the company key markets … read more

Where Is Augmented Reality Going

Utter the words augmented reality and most people conjure up images of cute Snapchat filters and Pokémon Go creatures. The ability to overlay and superimpose artificial images, animations and information over actual people and things is amusing and intriguing. But there’s a serious side to augmented reality … read more

Leading Metrology Companies Develop CNC Machining Process Solution

Three key players in the world of precision metrology have collaborated to provide a solution that has been missing from the advanced manufacturing industry and is vital to maximising the accuracy of measurement on machine tools. Metrology giant Renishaw and two of its associate companies … read more

Compressor Blade Repair Cell Incorporates Advanced Vision and Adaptive Tool-Pathing

Optomec, a leader in 3D metal additive manufacturing (AM) solutions and Acme Manufacturing, the global supplier of robotic material removal systems, have showcased at IMTS a fully automated work cell optimized for repairing aviation compressor blades. The turnkey work cell is the product of a two-year collaboration … read more