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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – September 18th

Read a summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

AI-Powered Augmented Reality for Quality Inspection

Inspection is a critical part in the quality control process in manufacturing. Quality inspection ensures that product quality and work steps performed meet the defined standards. Raw materials and components are often checked prior to the assembly process; products can also be inspected during and post-production … read more

Data – The Foundation of Digital Manufacturing Systems

The foundation of all digital manufacturing systems is data. When we think about manufacturing data, it is helpful to segregate data into two types – measured data and processed data. These two types of data originate from different sources, and each should be handled somewhat differently … read more

Model-Based Enterprise – Future of the Digital Twin

Before exploring the full functionality and benefits of digital twins, it is important to understand exactly what digital twins are and how they can be applied throughout the operational lifecycle. A digital twin is, as the name suggests, a virtual model of a physical object or system that can be used to simulate the behavior … read more

Robotic End Effector Deliver 6D Positional Deviations

The Bosch Rexroth Smart Flex Effector is a first of its kind sensor-based compensation module with independent kinematics in six degrees of freedom. The Smart Flex Effector provides tactile sense of touch feedback to the robot application, essentially emulating the abilities of a human hand … read more

Unleashing The Potential: Quality Validation In Additive Manufacturing

In the world of modern manufacturing, additive manufacturing (AM) has emerged as a revolutionary technology that holds the promise of transforming industries through its capability to produce complex geometries, reduce lead times, and enable on-demand production. However, as the adoption of AM grows … read more

Fluorescence Scanning For Coating and Cleanliness Detection of 3D Parts

From the inspection of blank lubrication in press shops to the detection of even slightest contaminations on large and complex parts: The laser scanners of the Fraunhofer IPM F-Scanner 1D series are ideal tools for inspecting parts in motion. Depending on the application, either the component or the scanner itself moves … read more

Spain Hosting Annual International 3D Metrology Conference

The Basque Country, Spain is to become a meeting point for the international scientific-technological metrology elite thanks to the 3DMC Conference. Co-hosted by IDEKO and TEKNIKER technology centres, the event will be held at the Tekniker facilities in Eibar on Wednesday September 27 and at IDEKO in Elgoibar on Thursday … read more

Wenglow Acquires AI Visual Inspection Company Deevio

The wenglor sensoric group is expanding its know-how in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science with the acquisition of the software developer deevio. Creating new opportunities for future innovations in the field of machine vision. deevio GmbH, which was spun off from the Viessmann Group’s wattx incubator … read more

New Low Cost TwinTrack Probe Simplifies Robot Programming

RoboDK has released the design and assembly instructions of the TwinTrack Probe. The cost-effective tool allows users to easily record complex paths in RoboDK robot programming software with an off-the-shelf HTC VIVE tracker and a simple 3D printed tool.  As the robotics market continues to evolve and more businesses are turning … read more

Magnetic Field Position Measuring System Increases Flexibility

The smart factory with its complex production lines requires great flexibility. This is often difficult to reconcile with high process and product quality requirements. What matters is that you have your work processes in view at all times. This is where Balluff’s BMP magnetic field position measuring system can help … read more

ZEISS & ORNL Sign Licensing Agreement For Inspection of 3D-Printed Parts

A licensing agreement between the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and research partner ZEISS will enable industrial X-ray computed tomography, or CT, to perform rapid evaluations of 3D-printed components using ORNL’s machine learning algorithm, Simurgh. Incorporating machine learning into CT scanning is expected to reduce the time and cost of inspections … read more

Digital Holography Semiconductor Wafer Defect Detection Technology Announced

WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc. (WiMi), a leading global Hologram Augmented Reality (AR) Technology provider, has announced that an innovative detection technique based on digital holography has been developed to meet the needs of semiconductor wafer defect detection. The technique utilizes digital holography to record the amplitude and phase of the wavefront … read more