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Magnetic Field Position Measuring System Increases Flexibility

The smart factory with its complex production lines requires great flexibility. This is often difficult to reconcile with high process and product quality requirements. What matters is that you have your work processes in view at all times. This is where Balluff’s BMP magnetic field position measuring system can help you: it provides continuous, non-contact position feedback, enabling you to monitor ongoing work processes reliably and without wear.

Whether the need is to control assembly in the automotive industry or quickly adjust format changes and process parameters in the packaging industry while several pneumatic movements are running synchronously. With the BMP, users have their manufacturing under control, ensure simultaneous processing of objects, and remain energy efficient.

Increasing Integration For Increased Flexibility

Time is money. That’s why with the new BMP from Balluff users can increase manufacturing transparency without further ado, thus preventing errors and failures: The system is compatible with both radially and axially aligned magnets, making it a direct fit for individual application.

Configurable results: Device Parameters According To Requirements

An important component of the new BMP is its customizable concept: if the application requires high dynamics and/or repeatability, users can configure these parameters as needed before commissioning.

Pneumatic cylinders are frequently used in factory automation. For many demanding tasks in automation technology, it is essential to accurately monitor the movement processes of the cylinders.

Monitor Piston Position on Pneumatic Cylinders

The Balluf magnetic field position measuring systems are the optimal solution for monitoring the piston position on pneumatic cylinders. Installed quickly and intuitively, they record the end positions of the piston contact-free and thus wear-free and reliably, ensuring safe movements and processes in your machine or system.

System Features

➤ Continuous position feedback in the smallest of spaces

➤ Detects radial and axial magnets

➤ Low temperature drift, very good electromagnetic compatibility

➤ Product configuration according to customer requirements

➤ Ideal for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and format changes thanks to additional data via IO-Link

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