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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – September 11th

Read a summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Factory Of The Future Smart-Manufacturing Data Platform

Renishaw’s new Central manufacturing connectivity and data platform is poised to transform the productivity, capability, and efficiency of manufacturing operations. The new data-driven manufacturing solution brings the power of connectivity to the machine shop floor, resulting in highly efficient, productive operations with optimized processes, reduced downtime and minimized waste … read more

Driving Efficiency in Audi Sport’s Robotic Measurement Process

Audi Sport, a significant player in the automotive industry, faced a challenging problem. The typical cells to measure the complete BIW of cars are double cells, meaning double the cost and double the complexity. Audi Sport needed a simpler, more cost effective, and  a more robust solution … read more

MetrologyPackage Offers Simple Optical Sensor Integration

The AT Solution Package from AT Automation Technology has been expanded to include 3D measurement software. The new 3D solution allows for a rapid time-to-market and also opens up new avenues for 3D metrology. The new package includes an SDK … read more

AEROStack System Automates Turbine Alignment and Build

For years, turbine engine builders have relied on manual processes for measurement and stacking to turbine alignment. These processes can be slow and rely on the skill of the operator. Automating this process is key to increasing throughput and improving engine yield while maintaining accuracy … read more

VisionLab Provides Rapid Optical Fastener Inspection

The versatile VisionLab from General Inspection can be used for first piece inspection of turned parts, SPC sampling, final audits or used for 100% inspection using pick and place automation. VisionLab is the ultimate gauging and inspection solution for threaded fasteners. The system comes standard with backlighting … read more

Optical Gear Measurement Using Digital Holography

In the recently completed ‘HoloMotion’ research project, Fraunhofer IPM has greatly enhanced the established 3D measurement method of digital multiwavelength holography in two directions: On the one hand, components in motion can now be measured with high precision for the first time … read more

Tilted CT Improves X-ray Inspection of High Density & Flat Components

A pioneering X-ray computed laminography (CL) technique has been introduced by the Industrial Metrology Business Unit of Nikon Corporation for non-destructively inspecting challenging components using the computed tomography (CT) systems it manufactures. Called Tilted CT, the new method greatly improves voxel resolution … read more

Johnson Electric Deploys Augmented AI Technology For Quality Assurance

QualiSense has entered into a five-year agreement with Johnson Electric to become the preferred software vendor for inspection and quality control (QC) using Augmented AI technology. Johnson Electric manufactures over 3 million micro-motors and motion-related components each day on 1,500 production lines … read more

Open Data Communication Revolutionizing Measurement Technology

Measurement technology is playing a major role in Industry 4.0. A crucial factor for the success of the digital transformation is the geometric measuring systems interface paving the way for vendor-neutral communication in measuring … read more

Airbrush Launched for Intricate and Challenging 3D Scanning Applications

In order to measure very small, shiny and highly structured small parts more easily, they are typically matted using a scanning spray such as AESUB yellow. AESUB is offering the new airbrush which allows the scanning spray to be more easily applied … read more

Additive Manufacturing – A Unique Opportunity For AI

While the use of AI in certain human endeavors continues to be debated, there is one area in which machine learning is already delivering demonstrative value: design engineering and advanced manufacturing for aerospace, medical devices, even 3D-printing systems. This article is by Robin Tuluie, founder of PhysicsX … read more

Optical Measurement Reduces Inspection Time By 90%

Pair Eyewear is an American eyewear company that produces unique and customisable glasses and frames. Pair eyewear is all about making a very dull medical device, something exciting and interesting and unique every day. Scott Craycraft Director of Quality explains “Being able to automate production processes is the best … read more