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Driving Efficiency in Audi Sport’s Robotic Measurement Process

Audi Sport, a significant player in the automotive industry, faced a challenging problem. The typical cells to measure the complete BIW of cars are double cells, meaning double the cost and double the complexity. Audi Sport needed a simpler, more cost effective, and  a more robust solution.

Measuring the Whole Audi e-tron BIW in a Narrow Space

The challenge was to measure both sides of the Audi e-tron BIW in a narrow space, with one robot, one sensor, and one turntable. The need was for a solution that could provide accurate and reliable data quickly and efficiently, ensuring the highest quality in their measurement processes.

Eleven Dynamics stepped in with a solution. They implemented NEXOS 4.0, a software that could simulate the problem and find the perfect cell layout. This solution was capable of supporting any robot, any sensor, and any cell configuration, making it a perfect fit for the diverse range of tasks in their measurement services. The solution was flexible and adaptable, designed to meet Audi Sport’s specific needs.

Improved Measurement Efficiency and Implementation of Automation

The results were immediate and impressive. The NEXOS 4.0 and the simulation significantly reduced the complexity of the measurement process, providing accurate and reliable data quickly. The solution also implemented automation in their processes, enhancing their measurement services.

The solution demonstrated the added value in real-time, convincing Audi Sport of its effectiveness. As a result, measurements are absolutely compensated automatically in NEXOS 4.0 and data is streamed directly to Polyworks software.

A Step Towards the Future of Measurement Services

The successful implementation of NEXOS 4.0 and the simulation at Audi Sport is a testament to the power of Eleven Dynamics’ solutions. By leveraging advanced software like NEXOS 4.0 and state-of-the-art technology, Eleven Dynamics is providing solutions to businesses like Audi Sport step into the future of measurement services.

The solution is adaptive, driving users from manual metrology, to semi-automatic (at line) metrology, and to fully automated (in-line) metrology in a painless process.

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