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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – March 27th

Read a summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

The CMM’s Evolution into its Role In Smart Manufacturing

The Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) has become an essential tool in manufacturing industry, providing precise and accurate measurements of parts and products. The history of the CMM is a story of innovation and evolution, with a focus on improving accuracy and efficiency in the measurement process … read more

Smart Manufacturing Key To Tomorrow’s Advanced Vehicles

Automakers are under more pressure than ever as the automotive and transportation industries continue to transform at a rapid pace. Technology advancements, such as automated driving systems, 5G connectivity, and electrified powertrains, are transforming the cars we know into more sustainable, accessible, and convenient transportation machines … read more

State of Smart Manufacturing Study Released

Rockwell Automation, the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, has announced the results of the 8th annual ‘State of Smart Manufacturing Report.’ The global study surveyed more than 1,350 manufacturers across 13 of the leading manufacturing countries. This year’s report reveals a focus on delivering profitable growth … read more

Role of Augmented Intelligence in Quality Inspection

Augmented intelligence and artificial intelligence are both concepts that are often used interchangeably. However, the difference between the two has important implications for our understanding and expectations of technology. Here, Dr. Gilad Wainreb, algorithms team leader at software company Lean AI, explains his understanding of the concept of augmented intelligence … read more

In-Process Surface Roughness Analysis for CNC Machined Parts

Caron Engineering has added in-process surface roughness measurement to the suite of applications for their DTect-IT product. DTect-IT is a versatile CNC sensor analysis system that takes in data from a multitude of high-precision sensors. The surface roughness measurement application uses the Blum-Novotest TC64 RG Digilog Probe … read more

Profile and Part Surface Control Carried Out Directly In Production

At its factory in Sarezzo, Italy P.E.L Pintossi produce a wide range of components for industry, on which it carries out a large number of processes with increasingly high quality requirements: thanks to the new SURFCOM NEX Profilometer-Roughness Gauges from ACCRETECH, profile and surface control can be carried out directly … read more

Vanti Introduces AI-Powered Predictive Quality Platform

Vanti has announced the introduction of its AI-powered Predictive Quality platform for adaptive industrial applications. The platform uses machine learning and data analytics to predict and prevent quality issues, enabling manufacturers to avoid costly quality issues before they appear. The platform is customizable and easy to deploy … read more

Automated Aircraft Engine Gear Roughness Measurement

Gears for aircraft engines must meet the highest standards. The measurement data must be precise and must not damage the workpiece in the process. When Mahr learned about the specific task of a renowned industrial company, two additional criteria had to be met: The efficiency of the measurement time and the quality … read more

Automated CNC Measurements Over The Lifetime Of The Machine

Employing measuring systems in the working area of a CNC machining centre is still an unfamiliar idea today for some quality experts. With its probes in use at the German company Scherzinger Pumpen, Blum-Novotest has demonstrated that automated measurement not only works effectively in harsh environments … read more

Kenso Announces Updated Manufacturing Intelligence Software

Kenso Software, a fast-growing startup that specializes in manufacturing intelligence software, has announced the release of KensoBI version 2 to production. With this latest release, Kenso Software has made significant improvements to its flagship product, making it easier and more intuitive for manufacturers to gain insights into their production processes … read more

Teledyne Announce AI Enhancements To Image Processing Software

Teledyne has announced that its Sapera Vision Software Edition 2023-03 is now available. Teledyne DALSA’s Sapera Vision Software provides field-proven image acquisition, control, image processing and artificial intelligence functions to design, develop and deploy high-performance machine vision applications … read more

Programmable Cameras Optimize Q.A. By Detecting Anomalies

In quality assurance, it is often necessary to reliably detect deviations from the norm. Industrial cameras have a key role in this, capturing images of products and analyzing them for defects. If the error cases are not known in advance or are too diverse, however, rule-based image processing reaches its limits … read more

Meeting Demands of 3D Laser Processing Applications

Laser processing machines can cut extremely complicated shapes, but are typically limited to working in 2D. This means that when more complex geometries are needed, it is necessary to cut in one dimension, turn the part, and cut again … read more

Materialise Empowers Control of the 3D Printing Process

Materialise, a leader in 3D printing software and service solutions, has announced its Process Control software for metal 3D printing and introduced the Build Processor Software Development Kit. The new solutions enable additive manufacturing (AM) users to take full control of the 3D printing process by using automated … read more