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Ensuring Quality of Safety Cabinets with Vision Solution and Computer Vision Platform

The production of safety cabinets needs to fulfill high quality standards to ensure compliance with specifications. It is very important that all components are installed properly, in the right place, and that nothing is missing. Many safety cabinets are shipped to offshore oil rigs so the challenge of servicing these cabinets is immense. To ensure high quality standards the whole production process needs to be monitored and documented.

Problem With Image Processing Solution For Quality Assurance?

So far the monitoring of the production process was done manually. Manual labor is higher in cost than an effective vision solution and also prone to error. In this case the inspection so far was also lacking the documentation needed. The goal was to build a solution that ensures stable and reproduceable quality in the production with documentation while also lowering the overall inspection cost. This required a vision system with high image quality and a small form factor.

“By combining state-of-the-art Basler cameras and Cogniac’s game-changing no-code/low-code AI computer vision platform, our customer is able to automate any visual inspection task during the build of universal safety cabinets. Further, developed models can be instantly donated to future production lines globally as needed, resulting in a most efficient manufacturing environment. Basler’s experience and consulting created a valuable solution for our customer” states Vahan Tchakerian, Chief Partnership Officer at Cogniac.

Vision Solution For Quality Assurance In Safety Cabinets Production

Cogniac developed a vision solution to ensure stable quality in the production. This solution consists of Basler cameras and matching Basler Premium Lenses as well as Cogniac’s Visual Intelligence Platform. The cameras image the full system and deep learning models are run on local hardware to validate the number of individual components within the cabinet parts. The deep learning models are trained to recognize each component  and therefore can check quantity and location of each installed component.

Overall 21 Basler ace cameras with a combination of Basler Premium Lenses are built in this solution. The cameras use a precision-time-protocol for easy synchronization via the data cable. Cameras including the precision-time-protocol functionality can be controlled by the pylon Camera Software Suite.

Advantages of Computer Vision Solution

Cogniac’s no-code solution offers the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and convolutional neural networks, ensuring the highest quality standards. Easy integration and a small form factor thanks to Basler cameras with matching lenses and the pylon Camera Software Suite along with a powerful cooperation between Basler and Cogniac which together created an optimal solution for the customer.

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