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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – June 5th

Read a summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Digital Surf Unveils Mountains 10 – Most Comprehensive To Date

Digital Surf has announced the release of its tenth major version of the company’s Mountains software analysis platform for surface metrology & microscopy. Mountains software is trusted by over fifty leading instrument manufacturers and over 22,000 users … read more

Latest Sigmetrix CETOL 6σ 3D Tolerance Analysis Software Available

Sigmetrix, experts in mechanical variation management, have announced their latest version of CETOL 6σ tolerance analysis software. Tolerance analysis benefits businesses in many ways. It helps improve profitability by balancing quality with manufacturing cost … read more

‘Hidden Strobe’ Provides Benefits of Strobing Without Flashes

Smart Vision Lights, a designer and manufacturer of high-brightness LED lights for industrial applications, recently announced the launch of its innovative, patent-pending new technology, Hidden Strobe. Engineered to optimize machine vision systems operating at high speeds, Hidden Strobe is a solution to the prevalent issue … read more

Meeting Challenges of Motion Control in Nano Metrology Applications

The demand for nanometer-capable stages is increasing exponentially as the trend to achieve greater precision and control in metrology and nano-metrology applications continues. With the advent of cutting-edge sensor technologies, measurement capabilities have become increasingly sensitive, enabling the detection … read more

Hexapod 6-Axis Positioning Stage for Non-Contact Asphere Metrology

An asphere or aspheric lens is an optic whose surfaces are defined by a polynomial equation. Aspheres are rotationally symmetrical around the optical axis, but their radius of curvature changes with the distance from the center. Aspheric lenses provide higher performance compared to conventional lenses … read more

Microlocation Technology Enables Precise Control of Robotic Assembly Systems

At the Automate expo in Detroit Humatics demonstrated its ‘In-Motion’ robotic control which introduces a new level of automation capabilities to the industrial manufacturing market. Humatics radio frequency Microlocation technology enables the use of robotic systems in automotive moving assembly lines … read more

AM Post Processing – Benchmarking Alternative Technologies

Additive manufacturing (AM) has been a game-changer in the manufacturing landscape, offering unparalleled design freedom, material efficiency, and rapid production times. Despite these advantages, post-processing remains a critical aspect of ensuring the desired surface finish, accuracy, and functionality of AM parts … read more

Bruker Alicona Announces Change In General Manager Leadership

Bruker Alicona, a provider of advanced production metrology solutions, has announced a change in leadership at the company. Taking the helm as the new General Manager is Urban Muraus, who previously served as the head of the global sales at Alicona … read more

High Throughput Panel Metrology and Inspection System for Advanced Packaging Introduced

FormFactor, a leading semiconductor test and measurement supplier, has introduced the FRT MicroProf PT, a new semiconductor metrology and inspection tool for rectangular panels up to 600mm containing 4-5X more dies compared to a 300mm wafer. With full automation and hybrid metrology capabilities … read more

Siemens Launch Virtual PLC Controller Enabling Flexible Software-Based Automation

Siemens has launched a complete virtual programmable logic controller (PLC). The Simatic S7-1500V expands the existing Simatic portfolio and meets special market requirements such as virtual hosting of PLC computing. In the future, that means the range will include both hardware controllers and the virtual PLC … read more

Warpage Metrology Tool for Advanced Packaging Wafers Launched

ERS electronic, an industry leader in the market of thermal management solutions for semiconductor manufacturing, has developed a first-of-its-kind equipment for the metrology and analysis of warped wafers. Thanks to its advanced optical scanning methodology, Wave3000 can accurately measure wafer deformities … read more

Next-Generation Hyperspectral Camera For Industrial Machine Vision Launched

Specim, Spectral Imaging announces the next-generation near-infrared line-scan hyperspectral camera, Specim GX17, for advanced machine vision. The new Specim GX17 complements Specim’s highly successful FX camera series, the first hyperspectral cameras designed specifically for industrial use … read more