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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – December 20th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

3D Scanner Aids Personalized Mobility Vehicle Design

For over 20 years, the mission of the Paravan GmbH, has been to provide disabled people mobility and a new lease on life. Today, PARAVAN is a modern research and development company with over 160 employees and partners in many countries. The company’s headquarters is located in the tranquil town of … read more

3D Scan of Gigantic Gas Engine Generates 300 Million Polygons

Modern, professional-grade 3D scanners can capture all kinds of objects – from tiny things such as a screw or a human tooth to much larger and more complex objects including vehicles, rooms, or even entire buildings. You can use them from the comfort of your own desk, or take them … read more

ZEISS Report Record Business Year

The ZEISS Group has reported that it ended its 2020/21 fiscal year  (reporting period ending 30 September 2021) with revenues rising by 20% to 7.529 billion euros (previous year: 6.297 billion euros) with over 90% of the reported revenue was generated in markets outside Germany. Earnings before interest and tax … read more

U.S. Reports Largest Streak in Manufacturing Technology Orders in Over 23 Years

New orders of manufacturing technology totaled $571.5 million in October 2021, according to the latest U.S. Manufacturing Technology Orders Report published by The Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT). October orders declined 3.6% from September 2021 but increased by 50.2% over October 2020. Total orders in 2021 nearly reached $4.7 billion … read more

Metal Testing Innovation Deployed by Global Testing and Inspection Company

Plastometrex, has announced Element Materials Technology on-board as a customer. Element is using Plastometrex technology to offer failure analysis and complex-part-testing services to its large and diverse customer base. Element is a leader in testing, inspection and certification services. The mechanical testing of metallic materials forms an important part of Element’s … read more

Precision CNC Machine Shop Improves Production Rate of Investment Castings By More Than 80%

Some years ago, ebbing oilfield business conditions spurred Ogden, Utah’s LeanWerks to pursue work in other industries (including aerospace and high-speed automation) to establish a more balanced customer base and steadier work flow. The contract shop, now registered to the AS9100C aerospace standard, also began adapting some … read more

Upgraded CMM Software Inspects Gears Automatically

Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) manufacturer LK Metrology has introduced a further release of its CAMIO 2021 programming and measurement software featuring numerous improvements. The most significant is the inclusion of a module that automates the inspection of spur and helical involute gears. CAMIO GEARS makes it possible to begin measuring the … read more

Automotive Supplier Scans Parts With Diamond Styli

Engineers are always pushing the limits of what is technically feasible, placing even more exacting demands on precision from one year to the next. This prompted the automotive supplier Pankl, whose portfolio includes connecting rods for race cars, to switch from discrete-point measurements to precise scanning … read more

Target Mark 3D Technology Provides Part Placement Accuracy

Both machine tending and material handling heavily rely on accurate positioning, as well as part placement and supply. With the Sensopart VISOR Robotic Vision sensor and Target Mark 3D technology positional variations are dynamically passed on and corrected inside the robot program, leading to both safe, swift and accurate handling … read more

In-Process Monitoring Capabilities Expanded Into Polymer 3D Printing Market

Sigma Labs, developer of quality assurance software to the commercial 3D printing industry, has announced that it has expanded its PrintRite3D in-process quality assurance solution to support selective laser sintering (SLS) polymer manufacturing and received a purchase order for two PrintRite3D systems which have been shipped to the customer. “Sigma Labs’ … read more

Camera & Software System Provide 3D Machine Vision for Robot Applications

A new rc_visard smart 3D camera family from Matrix Vision offers low system costs, quick implementation, and a high degree of flexibility. The camera, combined with its onboard and/or add-on software suite, delivers 3D machine vision for stationary and mobile robot applications, such as bin picking or navigation for driverless … read more

Robot Density Nearly Doubles Globally

The use of industrial robots in factories around the world is accelerating at a high rate: 126 robots per 10,000 employees is the new average of global robot density in manufacturing industries – nearly double the number 5 years ago (2015: 66 units) … read more

Xometry Acquires Accelerating Digital Transformation

Xometry, the global marketplace for on-demand manufacturing, has announced the acquisition of Thomas, a leader in product sourcing, supplier selection and digital marketing solutions. The cash and stock transaction is valued at $300 million. Xometry’s rapidly growing digital marketplace provides real-time access to global manufacturing capacity and demand  … read more

New Robotics In Manufacturing Research Centre Announced

A new national robotics research centre will receive a share of £25m ($33m) to improve collaborative technology and help businesses unlock the full potential of automated industrial manufacturing. The Made Smarter Innovation Research Centre for Smart, Collaborative Industrial Robotics led by the UK’s Loughborough University aims to advance smart manufacturing … read more