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Target Mark 3D Technology Provides Part Placement Accuracy

Both machine tending and material handling heavily rely on accurate positioning, as well as part placement and supply. With the Sensopart VISOR Robotic Vision sensor and Target Mark 3D technology positional variations are dynamically passed on and corrected inside the robot program, leading to both safe, swift and accurate handling processes.

The Target Mark 3D function is available on the VISOR Robotic Vision Sensor providing the robot the ability to easily read & react to highly unique 3D information & position data, allowing an easy, intelligent, mobile & autonomous workspace. The position of the target mark only needs to be referenced once during the initial setup of the camera and can be easily relearned by any VISOR Robotic camera, maximizing time, efficiency & accuracy. SensoPart’s Target Mark 3D is also able to accurately detect the slightest offsets in operating position, and is able to correct itself seamlessly, without any reprogramming required.

Components for many production process are supplied in load carriers.  The challenge is to position the load carriers as precisely as possible, as this is imperative for a stable, robot-aided handling process. The flexible use of mobile robots is also an attractive solution for machine tending processes; yet this flexibility can cause robot positions to be comparatively imprecise. The success of this solution, whether or not the robot can carry out the tending process correctly, depends primarily on the precision of the robot’s movements in relation to the machine.

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