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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – August 9th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Smart Digital Monitoring Drives Predictive Maintenance at BMW

When it comes to maintaining production systems, the solution of choice at the BMW Group is to use sensors, data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). So rather than the previous approach of rule-based maintenance at regular intervals, predictive maintenance is carried out, based on the current condition of the system … read more

Automated Inspection for Aerospace via CT

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly 75% of the world’s aviation fleet was grounded at the peak meaning that fewer than 7,500 aircraft remained airborne. Some estimates state are that it will take a minimum of two-and-a-half years post the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic for the grounded 75% to take to … read more

Ultrasonic Thickness CMM Measurement Probe

Renishaw will showcase the latest addition to its market-leading range of products for CMMs at the upcoming EMO exhibition. The new RUP1 ultrasonic thickness measurement probe increases the multi-sensor capability of Renishaw’s REVO 5-axis system, which now offers six different probe sensor families, each specifically designed to maximise the advantages … read more

Scanned Data Generates Digital Twin To Monitor Manufacturing Design Intent

When your business is in the process of developing a new product, there’s an awful lot to consider. Costs and return on investment, market values and the deadlines leading up to the final launch. Not to mention the industry standards that need to be met while remaining competitive. … read more

Dynamic Micro-CT and Importance of Temporal Resolution

Micro-CT, which employs X-rays to collect 3D data, has proven extremely useful for non-destructive examination. As the technique and its capabilities have matured, it is now being used to better understand the change occurring in 3D structures while undergoing mechanical testing. In situ micro-CT enables the 3D inspection of processes inside … read more

Full Featured VedaCore CT System Offers X-ray Imaging Value

VJ Technologies is launching a new family of CT products named VedaCT, intended to appeal to a wider audience than typical offerings in the category. The advanced computer tomography platform is set to transform automated inspection through its capabilities in speed, and high-resolution imaging. VedaCore is the first in this line … read more

Topology Measurements for Multilayer Circuits

Electronic ceramic components and semi-finished materials, known as co-fired ceramics, enable highly compact, robust, and durable multilayer circuits to be produced. During production, white light interferometers from ISRA VISION check that the masks and templates are free of defects and inspect the topology and bores of the finished ceramic components … read more

New Laser Interferometer Offers Quality Measurement of Optics and Wavefront Transmission

4D Technology Corporation has announced the release of the newest addition to the line of PhaseCam dynamic interferometers, supported by the release of 4Sight Focus Acquisition and Analysis Software. PhaseCam dynamic interferometers offer universal measurement in motion, turbulence, vibration, and cryo/vacuum environmental chambers. The new PhaseCam 6110 Laser Interferometer, for qualifying … read more

Relationship Aims To Enhance Interoperability of Standards Within Digital Enterprise

PDES, Inc. has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Digital Metrology Standards Consortium (DMSC). as both organizations seek to improve the ways tools work together to improve standards development, analysis, and define applications of industry standards. PDES and DMSC seek to improve the quality and manufacturability … read more

Software Extends PLM Across Engineering and Manufacturing for Smarter Connected Products

Razorleaf, a PLM consulting and systems integrator, has announced the expansion of the CLOVER platform, a family of products that enable the integration, migration, and exchange of product information across manufacturing organizations, partners, and suppliers. CLOVER is a vendor-neutral platform that connects siloed systems and shares information … read more

3D Scanning Creates World’s Fastest Cycling Skinsuits

In the world of high-performance cycling, speed is everything. And even if you’re racing on an indoor track with controlled conditions, you’re going to be battling wind resistance and drag every turn of the pedals. With up to 90% of a cyclist’s energy output being spent to overcome air resistance … read more

CERN Accelerates Metrology With 3D Scanning Technology

Several months ago, a new recruit joined the ranks of the metrology laboratory’s measuring devices. It may be less imposing in scale than the many other pieces of kit for which the laboratory is well known, such as the tomograph, but this new scanner can inspect components quickly … read more

Laser Tracker Verifies Vital Aircraft Drop Test Rigs

Large aircraft have a landing mass of up to several hundred tons. even regional aircraft have a landing mass of around 15 to 30 tons. The landing gear has to absorb all of the energy during landing. The individual landing gear components are subjected to enormous pressure loads … read more

Indoor Remote Radiation Sensing and Mapping

Flyability has launched the Elios 2 RAD, an indoor drone equipped with a radiation sensor made just for inspections at nuclear stations. “The Elios 2 RAD represents the first chapter in our efforts to create indoor drones targeted specifically for each of our key verticals, accelerating our mission to use robots … read more