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New Laser Interferometer Offers Quality Measurement of Optics and Wavefront Transmission

4D Technology Corporation has announced the release of the newest addition to the line of PhaseCam dynamic interferometers, supported by the release of 4Sight Focus Acquisition and Analysis Software. PhaseCam dynamic interferometers offer universal measurement in motion, turbulence, vibration, and cryo/vacuum environmental chambers.

The new PhaseCam 6110 Laser Interferometer, for qualifying optical surfaces, has been redesigned with enhanced performance features. Lightweight, compact design improves positioning, speeds alignment and lowers installation costs. The PhaseCam 6110’s repeatability (0.0005 waves) and precision (0.001 waves) have been improved by 2X. The system’s compact form factor makes custom optical setups simple.  A new pixelated polarizing camera provides enhanced signal-to-noise ratios for superior measurements even with low light levels.

Included with the release of the PhaseCam 6110 Laser Interferometer is the new 4Sight Focus acquisition and analysis software. 4Sight Focus, 4D’s new 64-bit multithreaded software platform provides a streamlined, intuitive, and optimized user experience. Real-time display of Zernike terms and data quality histograms makes measurement optimization and optical alignment fast and easy. New functionality includes enhanced masking, a powerful built-in database, a brand-new remote-control interface, and additional features for acquiring and manipulating large numbers of measurements very quickly.

4D Technology continues to offer breakthrough products for optical manufacturers and industrial part measurement. 4D Technology products perform high speed measurements of dimension, surface quality, and roughness – along with defect inspection – in dynamic situations. The new PhaseCam 6110 laser interferometer with 4Sight Focus analysis software continues 4D Technology’s tradition of offering some of the world’s highest-performing interferometers backed by industry-leading service and applications support.

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