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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – August 28th

Read a summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Comprehensive 3D Machine Tool Measurement

The manufacture of precision components requires accuracies that even the most modern processing machines cannot reliably deliver. Quality control therefore involves high-precision measurement of the components. This is typically done with CMMs in special measuring rooms away from the machine tool … read more

Closed-Loop Automation Delivers Process Control

As the EMO Exhibition approaches one machine tool manufacture, Index-Werke GmbH known for its high-performance turning and milling machine tools and increasingly also for its automation solutions has announced that it will be showcasing an automated process control solution – based on closed loops … read more

Marposs Adds OptoCloud Gear To Its Optical Product Range

Marposs is introducing OptoCloud GEAR, the newest member of the Marposs OptoCloud family. With the introduction of this new device, a profilometer-like tool can now be utilized for fast testing of various gears or shafts right on the shop floor … read more

Rotary/Tilt Head Provides Step-Less Alignment of Sensor

Some workpieces, such as thin sheet metal, must not be touched during the measurement process or moved, or are also too large and hea­vy for rotary axes. In such cases, a multisensor capa­ble rotary/tilt head is needed for measurement on both component sides. The Werth WRT can handle a wide range of measuring sensors … read more

Audi Rolls-Out Artificial Intelligence For Quality Control of Spot Welds

Audi is pushing forward with the digitalization of its production activities. Following a successful pilot project, the Audi has begun rolling out an artificial intelligence (AI) system for quality-control of spot welds in car body construction … read more

Augmented Reality Software Accurately Projects Visual Aids Onto 3D Objects

3D Infotech has launched Spotlight AR++ 2.4, an Augmented Reality software that improves the process of inspection, re-work, and manual assembly. Using guided projection of 3D color maps and feature based instructions, Spotlight AR++ overlays precise and interactive digital guidance on real-world parts improving manufacturing processes … read more

ThinkIQ Announces Patent for Digital Manufacturing Transformation

ThinkIQ, a pioneer of digital manufacturing transformation SaaS, recently announced the company has secured a new patent, U.S. Patent which allows it to align data of continuous manufacturing material flow enabling plant engineers and data scientists to discover correlations, connections, and root causes … read more

Inline Inspection System Revolutionizes Rolled Steel Sheet Quality Assurance

The flawless material density and surface finish of cold-rolled steel is essential for subsequent processing into high-quality products. The smallest material defects of all kinds can lead to material weaknesses in the form of inhomogeneities only becoming visible at the very end of a processing operation such as coating … read more

Latest ASME Standard Advocates New Method For Defining Motion Control Precision

The publication of the ASME B5.64 standard ‘Methods for the Performance Evaluation of Single Axis Linear Positioning Systems’ recently is seen as a significant step in the redefinition of measurement of precision in motion systems. The ASME standard suggests that when it comes to defining the precision of ultra-precise single axis … read more

Heavy Equipment Manufacturer Accurately Captures Geometry In Difficult Conditions

Weldco-Beales has been in business since 1945, making it a decades-old enterprise that has been around for the better part of a century. Any organization that wants to survive that long and thrive needs to continuously adhere to a culture of excellence, constantly finding innovative ways to overcome challenges … read more

True Position Robotics Selected as ‘Factory of the Future’ Partner

True Position Robotics has announced it has been selected by BAE Systems to continue working on current and emergent projects in its “Factory of the Future”. Previous project work consisted of providing robot guiding technology to enhance the accuracy of conventional robots, reducing the need for traditional tooling … read more

BMW Uses AI To Make Vehicle Assembly More Efficient

A recent CNBC article reported on how Artificial intelligence is making a big effect on the auto industry. Revenue from sales of autonomous vehicles is anticipated to top $70 billion by 2033. But self-driving cars powered by AI are not the only change — AI technology is already being infused into vehicle production … read more