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Augmented Reality Software Accurately Projects PC Generated Visual Aids Onto 3D Objects

3D Infotech has launched Spotlight AR++ 2.4, an Augmented Reality software that improves the process of inspection, re-work, and manual assembly. Using guided projection of 3D color maps and feature based instructions, Spotlight AR++ overlays precise and interactive digital guidance on real-world parts allowing users to improve manufacturing processes.

New in Version 2.4

The target calibration process has been optimized to get the best image acquisition time between the auto-align camera and projector making it up to five times faster. That means users can start projecting onto their models sooner, with minimal setup and maximum accuracy.

Dynamic Projection using auto-alignment camera detection has been added to project data color maps, features, or elements using real time tracking. Camera and LED connection indicators have also been added to the user interface opening endless possibilities for non-stationary environments and collaborative applications.

Introduction of Floating Licenses providing users with have a flexible way to access, anywhere, anytime, and with multi-lingual support (English, Spanish, and Chinese).

Key Features

➤ Inspection in real-time with sub-millimeter precision on the projection

➤ Wide projection areas range, from millimeters to meters

➤ Multi-projection with up to 8 projectors, supporting thousands of features of 3D-modeled objects

➤ Spotlight AR++ is a plug-in for PolyWorks | Inspector 2023 that projects inspection results directly onto physical parts

➤ Improved assembly workflows by importing 3D objects including CAD, polygonal mesh, point clouds, or even 2D images and projecting them in the position and order needed

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