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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – April 11th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

3D Optical Profilometer Offers Built-In Motorized Rotation Unit

Keyence Corporation has announces the release of the VR-6000 3D Optical Profilometer. This high precision measurement system is designed with a built-in motorized rotational unit allowing users to take 3D measurements around the circumference of their part without having to worry about blind spots. Wall thickness, undercuts, and cross-sectional measurements … read more

Handheld 3D Laser Scanner Launched With Integrated Photogrammetry

SHINING 3D has expanded its FreeScan UE series of blue laser Metrology 3D scanners with the introduction of FreeScan UE Pro. FreeScan UE Pro inherits the high-precision, metrology-grade accuracy, and lightweight design of FreeScan UE, while improving the ability of fine scanning and global precision control of large-scale workpiece scanning … read more

Robotic Structured Light Scanning Cell Inspects AM Sand Cores

Loramendi S. Coop, headquartered in Vitoria, Spain started its activity in 1973, and has been part of the Mondragon Corporation since 2005. Loramendi’ s activity is focused on the design and supply of global foundry solutions: sand core manufacturing equipment, vertical molding machines. Principle customers are global automotive manufacturers … read more

Optical CMM Enables Improved Machining Research Delivering More Effective Production Technology

Professorship of micromanufacturing technology at Chemnitz University of Technology has put a new coordinate measuring machine into operation providing analysis of cutting tools for more efficient processing of high-strength materials and micromechanical components. A large number of components are manufactured using cutting processes … read more

Vibration Isolation Gets Smart With Adaptive Control

The vibration isolation of processes, especially in the areas of measurement technology and precision manufacturing technology, is the basis for high-quality results. With increasing technical progress, the requirements for mounts and vibration isolation of the processes also increase  … read more

Fixture Building Luminous Positioning Aid Provides Ray of Light

With the new LED-supported positioning system LEaD, the German fixturing specialist Witte Barskamp presents a practical and user-friendly assembly aid for fixture building. The LEaD positioning aid is offered both as a factory-integrated system in grid plates from Witte, available separately, for fixture assembly with the modular fixturing system Witte ALUFIX. … read more

AI Driven Machining Analytics Solutions Detects Problems Quickly

To detect problems in manufacturing quickly and guarantee quality, c-Com bundles all available data concerning machine, tool and workpiece for analysis with artificial intelligence (AI). The new module Machining Analytics Solutions (MAS) supports the production process with a digital twin … read more

SmartMOLD Insights Injects Enhanced Plastic Molding Productivity

Mold-Masters SmartMOLD, cloud-based software platform, is dedicated to the plastics industry providing real-time data to drive injection molding innovation. Process data is collected from sensors embedded within the injection mold which offers feedback and insights that drive enhanced productivity. The solution is the first step towards predictive and autonomous … read more

LG Smart Park Named ‘Lighthouse Factory’ For Futuristic Manufacturing Technology

Shaping the future of manufacturing, World Economic Forum (WEF) ‘Lighthouse’ facilities implement Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, such as the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and robots, into manufacturing and supply chain operations to deliver a wide range of benefits. These benefits include everything from increased production efficiency to … read more

Automated Inline Composite Inspection System Measures In Real Time Using Industrial AI

For many manufacturing companies quality control can be time consuming, expensive and a waste of resources. For Diab who produces premium core material used in various fields such as: boats, wind turbines, airplanes, and other vehicles – quality control is crucial … read more

Intelligent Bolt Running Using AI Feedback-Based Search

Traditional industrial automation uses workcells designed to meet requirements that are defined by physical constraints. Tasks are laid out so that robots can execute identical tasks on identical parts. If the robot finds those parts in the same location and orientation each time, it performs the task reliably and efficiently … read more

Machine Vision And AI Deliver Second Life to Vehicle Components

A huge number of used parts end up in the scrap yard for recycling every year. It is far more resource-efficient, however, to remanufacture alternators, starters and the like as part of a recirculation approach. This reduces waste, lowers the CO2 footprint and extends the life … read more

In-Situ Real-Time Metrology for Semiconductor Process Control Released

Atonarp, a leader in in-situ, real-time high-sensitivity metrology for semiconductor process control, has announced the worldwide release of its Aston platform. This marks an important milestone in the Company’s transition to a commercial organization on a worldwide scale. Aston is a compact mass spectrometer that provides accurate, real-time data on the … read more

Reducing Carbon Footprint of Manufacturing Industry Through Data Sharing

With global production sectors responsible for one-fifth of carbon emissions, consuming 54% of the world’s energy sources, there is an urgent need for manufacturing companies to address the challenges of decarbonization. A first step towards reducing the carbon footprint of the manufacturing industry is understanding the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), which measures the … read more