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Metrologic Group Announces New Strategic Vision

After more than a year at the head of Metrologic Group, Laurent MONGE, President, has shared his thoughts on the company’s new strategic vision and purpose.

To meet the needs of the manufacturing industry and the general progress towards the digitalization of manufacturing lines, Metrologic Group’s management team has rethought its strategy and defined a new guideline for the coming years. A shift that the company has taken in order to make its 3D measurement software platform a must-have product within Industry 4.0. At these times of accelerated change, Metrologic Group aims to be a partner of choice for manufacturing companies looking for flexible and universal software solutions to improve their industrial performance and respond to their sustainability challenges, as Laurent MONGE explains.

To Enhance Manufacturing Efficiency by Offering a Collaborative and Universal 3D Metrology Platform

“The company’s new leadership’s vision is based on the guiding principle of enhancing manufacturing efficiency by offering a collaborative and universal 3D metrology digital platform. This new vision reflects the growing need of the manufacturing industry, for higher level of efficiencies as well as lower environmental footprint.

Our vision responds directly to these challenges by proposing a new approach, enabling Industry 4.0 players to improve every step of their quality control process with an End-to-End solution. It also aims to enable collaboration among all team members involved.

In term of quality process improvement, we can take as an example the industrial transition towards increased automation and robotized quality control. Our X4 i-Robot software is an all-in-one solution, combining robot control and inspection analysis in a powerful software package, ideal for automating repetitive inspection tasks such as in the automotive and aerospace industries.

In term of collaboration, we want our teams to work more closely than ever with our customers to ensure that our solutions contribute directly to the achievement of their quality control objectives and the digitalization of their processes. We also intend to introduce cutting-edge digital technologies in the years to come, that will further simplify our customers’ quality data analysis and sharing for a collaborative and lean manufacturing approach.”

Metrologic Group’s Core Values

“As a member of the Sandvik Group since 2018, we share the same core values: Innovation, Customer Focus, Fair Play and Passion to Win.

These values are the soul of our company and describe how we plan to deliver on our strategic vision. It is so important to us to share the same core values as Sandvik, as we plan to develop synergies with our sister companies to give the opportunity to our customers to access interconnected and enriched software solutions.

In conclusion, we are excited by the transformative role 3D metrology is playing in the manufacturing industry. By having reviewed our vision and confirmed our core values, we’re not only expressing our commitment, but also establishing the key priorities for us.  At Metrologic Group, our customers are the cornerstone of our business, and this approach ensures we can make the most significant contribution in assisting them achieve their manufacturing objectives.”

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