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Brabender ElaTest Offers Efficient Rubber Density Determination

Brabender’s ElaTest measuring system, designed for density determination of rubber and rubber compounds in production-related incoming goods inspection and quality control, is now available in a modern and robust design. The upgraded version boasts enhanced usability and additional performance features. With its rapid measurement capabilities, integrated scale, and robust construction, it’s well-suited for challenging environments, such as tire production.

While the applications for rubber are diverse, the material requirements remain consistent: it must be durable and elastic. In the case of vehicle tires, safety is paramount, as tire quality directly impacts driving performance and must adhere to safety standards.

Efficient Density Determination for Premium Product Quality

The quality and processing characteristics of raw materials significantly influence the quality of rubber products. In rubber production, density serves as a crucial process parameter that correlates with cross-linking levels and elastomer hardness. Therefore, density determination plays a pivotal role in recipe development and continuous quality control during production and incoming goods inspection.

Swift Measurement Without Additional Media

The Brabender ElaTest offers a quick and reliable means of determining the density of non-vulcanized (uncured) rubber and rubber compounds. Brabender has diligently improved the device with a strong focus on user-friendliness, optimization, and has introduced the revised product as the ElaTest. Michael Stanko, Business Development Manager for Plastics & Rubber at Brabender, emphasizes, “With the new ElaTest, customers benefit from the MetaBridge software solution, an ergonomic arrangement of control elements, and a stainless steel design. Moreover, the ElaTest does not necessitate auxiliary equipment, such as an immersion medium with a known density in advance.” Optionally, users can opt for internationally recognized DAkkS-accredited calibration of the measuring system.

Automated Sample Analysis

The new ElaTest incorporates an integrated balance with automatic data transmission and a built-in computer with a touchscreen interface for simplified operation. The sample’s density is determined through an electronic displacement measuring system within the integrated balance. Stanko clarifies the process, stating, “After weighing the sample in the measuring cylinder, a piston applies defined pressure to compress the sample. The sample volume and density are subsequently calculated, accounting for the measuring cylinder’s diameter and the piston’s position.”

The stainless steel design sets this standalone measuring device apart, weighing in at 130 kilograms, making it exceptionally robust and suitable for challenging environmental conditions.

User-Friendly and Ergonomic Operation

The integrated MetaBridge software, also found on other Brabender devices, enables users to access measurement results from anywhere through a web browser. Furthermore, third-party systems like LIMS and ERP can be seamlessly integrated via Brabender WebAPI. The redesigned operating elements enhance ergonomics, thanks to their symmetrical layout.

Users can enjoy several advantages, including multiple determinations, statistical evaluation of test results through correlation software, and the ability to set tolerances for reference adjustments, facilitating quick quality checks.

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