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Measuring Instrument Inspects Form, Diameter and Surface Simultaneously

ACCRETECH’s new form measuring instruments of the RONDCOM NEX series have a modular design. This ensures that the instruments, which can measure form, diameter and surface simultaneously with high precision, are suitable for a wide range of measuring tasks and offer retrofitting capabilities. New features such as an axis speed potentiometer and the AutoForceDetector make measuring considerably more efficient.

The instrument series with its innovative design is now modular thanks to a building block system. Customers can configure the system for their own individual requirements from a wide range of variants. They can also initially purchase a manual version of the form testers and then subsequently have them converted to a CNC version if a higher degree of automation is desired. These include CNC positioning tables for complex workpieces with several asymmetrical measuring positions and pallet clamping for components in large batch sizes. This provides investment security and offers considerable flexibility with regard to future measuring tasks.

Best concentricity and straightness precision in its class

The RONDCOM NEX series offers the best concentricity and straightness precision in its class: (0.02+3.2H/10000) µm and 0.15 µm (Z300) respectively. This is made possible by the air-bearing rotary tables and their extremely high rotational accuracy. Their design makes them low-maintenance and durable. The RONDCOM NEX R’s instruments also enable highly accurate roughness measurements as per DIN EN ISO in linear R and X direction and in rotational direction on the workpiece circumference.

“The new universal form testers of the RONDCOM NEX series are the optimal solution for today’s quality assurance and production requirements, as here it is necessary to operate with ever greater flexibility. They can be used to measure many different applications and workpieces, and a wide range of required parameters in one clamping operation – all with high precision,” says Marcus Czabon, Chief Operating Officer at ACCRETECH. In contrast to stand-alone instruments, customers no longer have to compromise on accuracy when measuring form, diameter and surface parameters. “We have fundamentally redesigned the entire series of form measuring instruments to ensure that our customers receive even greater support in terms of efficiency, time savings and automation.”

AutoForceDetector – Less Operator Intervention

The newly developed AutoForceDetector (AFD) probe makes work easier and increases efficiency when measuring form tolerances. In this regard, the measurement direction and the requisite measurement force are set automatically, which means the operator has to intervene less. The automatic measurement force adjustment function, in conjunction with the T stylus option, enables continuous measurement of roundness, roughness and optional twist measurement without having to change the probe or measuring arm. Through its software-controlled switching of the measurement direction, the AFD makes it possible to conduct automatic measurements on the inner and outer diameter.

Axis Speed Potentiometer Adjustment Enhances Safety

The new RONDCOM NEX series also offers advantages in terms of efficiency and safety when measuring due to a potentiometer for controlling the travel speed of the form testers. Up until now, potentiometers have been primarily associated with coordinate measuring machines. The form measuring instruments are equipped with an override knob and a lock button. By turning the knob, the operator can temporarily reduce the speed when starting a CNC program or when conducting measurements in tight component sections. This allows the measurement to be conducted safely while the operator checks the procedure.

The series includes form measuring instruments for the measuring room and for the production environment, with different Z-columns available: 300, 500, or 900 mm can be selected, with each one offering the same specification with regard to measurement accuracy. The instruments are designed for workpieces with a maximum weight of up to 60 kg. ACCRETECH has equipped the instruments with software with a user-friendly interface, simple teach-in programming, extensive measurement and analysis functions, and data processing features.

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