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China Releases Plan To Further Develop Metrology

China’s General Office of the State Council has released a plan for metrological development from 2021 to 2035.

“Metrology, the study of measurement, is fundamental for technological innovation, industrial development, national defense construction, and is also important for building an integrated national strategic system and ability” the Council stated.

The plan was drawn to consolidate the metrological foundation, improve metrological ability, boost overall metrological development, and promote high-quality economic and social development.

According to the plan, the country is expected to establish a modern and advanced measurement system at the national level by 2025, and greatly improve the level of scientific and technological innovation by 2035, along with major breakthroughs in metrological technology in key areas, and comprehensive strength ranking among the top in the world.

The plan outlined key tasks in four aspects, including basic metrological research, metrological application, building metrological ability, and metrological supervision and management.

Metrology should be applied in several key areas, such as advanced manufacturing, high-end instrument development and precision manufacturing, aerospace and marine fields, artificial and intelligent manufacturing, digital China construction, and serve the country’s goals of carbon peaking and neutrality, according to the circular.

The plan also pledged to add leadership and policy support, strengthen construction of related disciplines and culture, and reinforce coordination and work implementation.

In another circular released on December 30 2021 the General Office of the State Council announced the establishing an inter-ministerial joint conference system on national metrology to enhance coordination and guidance in related work and foster a better metrology system to serve China’s social-economic development. The joint conference system will promote a metrology governance system.