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Marposs Launch Digital Platform Providing Production Digitization for Industry 4.0

With a 20+ year heritage in industrial measurement starting with the saving production data on in-process and post-process measurement applications, and expanded to machine-tool applications and testing data, Marposs has launched at EMO 2021 a neural industrial network. Using Marposs DNA, the company is able to provide something that no other company can give: deep knowledge of the production process combined with fast and precise measurement acquisition, testing, monitoring and quality management/assurance in the shop floor area and beyond.

Through the integration of Marposs monitoring, measuring and testing solutions across the entire production process, Marposs is able to provide a wide range of solutions that can help its customers achieve their main objectives of product quality improvement, cost reduction, traceability, compliance to standards and global data accessibility.

Marposs provides its existing and new customers with state-of-the-art solutions in industrial manufacturing, including digital twins of the product or manufacturing/assembly process, data acquisition and analysis across company boundaries. Marposs provides tools for quality control, sensors and software solutions for the monitoring of the machine conditions that offers a holistic view into the current state, and potentially future state, of the production floor.

Marposs modular software systems, comprised of brands such as Blulink, MG, Brankamp, Artis, S&K, enables a direct network connection between a production level system, a process monitoring system or a PLC terminal and the production control and quality management systems with higher-level company systems like ERP, PLM, MES, etc. Marposs can provide machine, operating, order, maintenance, quality and process data without causing any delay to all departments of a company.

Marposs software systems based on the Digital Platform are the glue needed to integrate all components: knowledge about production, measurement, business processes and IT.

The Digital Platform data are transformed into information for the customer, enabling the ability to update and scale Marposs solutions, better integrating devices with each other and providing dashboards for data analysis.

The Marposs Digital Platform is able to provide concrete and valuable benefits for the production and quality processes of the company, a reference point for innovation and digitization of production for Industry 4.0.

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