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March 2024 Metrology News Magazine

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This month’s edition of Metrology News delved into the pivotal role of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) in the landscape of smart factories. As technology advances and industries embrace the era of Industry 4.0, the evolution of CMMs stands at the forefront, shaping the future of manufacturing precision and quality control. These machines have long been hailed as the cornerstone of dimensional metrology, facilitating precise measurement of complex geometries with unparalleled accuracy. However, their relevance extends beyond traditional manufacturing paradigms. In the context of smart factories, CMMs emerge as indispensable assets, driving efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, competitiveness in a rapidly evolving global marketplace.

From advancements in sensor technologies to the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, the next decades hold immense potential for CMMs to redefine the manufacturing landscape. These advancements not only enhance measurement accuracy and speed but also enable adaptive manufacturing processes and seamless integration within interconnected production ecosystems. In the realm of smart factories, the role of CMMs will undoubtedly undergo profound evolution. Beyond their traditional function as quality control tools, CMMs are poised to become integral components of autonomous manufacturing systems. By interfacing with other smart technologies such as robotics, IoT-enabled devices, and cloud-based analytics platforms, CMMs will enable real-time feedback loops, facilitating agile decision-making and continuous optimization of production processes.

The journey of CMMs is one of continuous evolution and adaptation. As technology progresses and industry demands evolve, CMMs will remain at the vanguard of innovation, driving the paradigm shift towards intelligent, interconnected manufacturing ecosystems.

This month’s featured articles included “The CMM Has Been Evolving For More Than 50 Years – What’s Next?”, “Driving Data-Driven Decision Velocity for Better Manufacturing Quality”, “The Value of Quality and its Dependence on Industrial Metrology”, “The Emerging Role of Metrology In Industry 5.0”, “Digital Twins Enable Real-Time Metrology Precision”.

In March we reported the launch of several new products including a new Renishaw CMM, Hexagon zoom enabled optical scanner, AI reconstruction computed tomography software from Nikon, as industrial metrology equipment technology continues to advance.

You can access the full library of March Metrology News articles by clicking here.

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Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

Renishaw Launch AGILITY 5-Axis Multi-Sensor CMMs

Renishaw has announced that it now offers an extended range of AGILITY co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs). The range of AGILITY CMMs has been designed and made for speed and accuracy, building on Renishaw’s unrivalled reputation for innovation in the most demanding industry sectors. It is optimised for Renishaw’s REVO 5-axis multi-sensor system … read more

Industry-First Zoom-Enabled Optical 3D Scanner Launched

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has announced the launch of a new type of high-productivity structured light scanner. Built on a completely reengineered platform, the SmartScan VR800 is the first optical 3D scanner on the market with a motorised zoom lens that enables users to adjust data resolution and measurement volume entirely through software settings … read more

The CMM Has Been Evolving For More Than 50 Years – What’s Next?

The Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) has a rich history that dates back to the 1960s. The CMM has been a cornerstone in the field of metrology for over 50 years, revolutionizing the way manufacturers measure and inspect objects with precision and accuracy. Since its inception CMMs have continuously evolved to meet the growing demands of various industries … read more

AI Reconstruction Uses Deep Learning For Faster and Clearer CT Scans

Nikon Industrial Metrology Business Unit has released AI Reconstruction, an innovative 3D computed tomography (CT) reconstruction software solution powered by artificial intelligence that lifts the traditional trade-off between scan speed and image quality. By applying Deep Learning techniques to enhance image quality, Nikon’s breakthrough technology enables rapid results … read more

Driving Data-Driven Decision Velocity for Better Manufacturing Quality

It’s no longer a secret that data is fast becoming one of the most critical business assets of enterprises, so they’re generating and collecting more data than ever before. Yet, in the quest to store up data riches, many manufacturers now are grappling with how to invest that wealth wisely – how best to derive actionable insights from data, which translates into business success … read more

The Value of Quality and its Dependence on Industrial Metrology

In a world driven by innovation and precision, quality stands as the cornerstone of progress. From the manufacturing floor to research laboratories, ensuring the highest standards of quality is paramount. Industrial metrology plays a crucial role in maintaining these standards across various industries. In this article, we delve into the significance of quality and the pivotal role metrology plays … read more

The Emerging Role of Metrology In Industry 5.0

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial revolutions, Industry 4.0 has been a defining era characterized by the integration of digital technologies, automation, and data exchange. However, as the industry continues to push the boundaries of innovation, a new phase has emerged – Industry 5.0. In this article we explore the intricacies of Industry 5.0 with a specific focus on metrology … read more

Digital Twins Enable Real-Time Metrology Precision

The pursuit of perfection in quality control is a never-ending journey. As technology continues to advance, the integration of digital twins is emerging as a game-changer in the field of metrology. Digital twins are virtual replicas of physical assets, processes, or systems, and their application in identifying defects and facilitating real-time quality control can be transformative … read more

The Secret Lives of Manufacturing Defects

2023 saw a number of high-profile recalls linked to manufacturing defects. Despite technological improvements in the field of quality inspection, many safety-critical industries witnessed an increase in the number of defects and recalls. In this article Zohar Kantor, chief revenue officer at quality inspection pioneer QualiSense, traces how defects enter the manufacturing process and avoid detection … read more

Seven AI Potentials In Smart Manufacturing

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed various industries. It also offers immense potential for production . By using AI, manufacturing companies can optimize processes , increase productivity and achieve previously unthinkable efficiencies . Nevertheless, AI technologies are far from being used everywhere. In this article you will learn everything about the potential of AI … read more

Fast Manual Video Measurement System Introduced

Starrett has introduced the latest Video System in its KMR Series – the new KMR-MX 200 Manual Video System. The new system offers a unique platform, filling the gap for companies that want the speed and accuracy of a video-based platform, but do not need Windows based software or a PC. Ideal for industries such as medical, aerospace, defense that require traceable measurement data … read more

Holographic Measurement To Enable Precision Inline Q.A.

Modern optical measurement techniques such as digital holography enable inline quality assurance. Until now, the size and cost of the light sources have prevented these measurement techniques from becoming widely established. As part of the MultiLambdaChip research project, Fraunhofer IPM is developing highly integrated, cost-effective laser light sources for use in digital holography … read more

Transforming Quality Control Processes With Inline Inspection

The metrology sector is now beginning to see that the existing set up of using measuring laboratories for conducting measurements on massive production scales is no longer sufficient. If anything, metrology laboratories are becoming bottlenecks to the 3D inspection process. Metrologists are currently facing increasing demands in their 3D inspection roles … read more

Cognitive Robot Delivers Autonomous Smart Inspection Solution

The increasing push for faster processes, better control and higher quality in the aerospace industry necessitates a new generation of advanced automation designed to automate complex processes that until a short time ago could only be done manually. When it comes to testing critical structures such as helicopter blades, the potential benefits of automation increase exponentially … read more

Verisurf Announces Master3DGage Inspection Solution For Aerospace Supply Chain

Verisurf Software has announced a turn-key aerospace inspection and reporting solution based on its popular Master3DGage portable measurement platform, powered by Verisurf software. OEM quality verification and reporting requirements consistently challenge the aerospace supply chain. Boeing Standard D6-51991 pertains to Digital Product Definition … read more

Research Reveals That 90% of Organizations Using AI to Create KPIs Report Improvement

Despite tremendous advances in analytics and AI capabilities, key performance indicators (KPIs) increasingly fail to take advantage of them to deliver the information and insights leaders need to succeed. However, according to a report released by MIT Sloan Management Review (MIT SMR) and Boston Consulting Group (BCG), an increasing number of companies are using AI … read more

Non-Contact Gauging Solution Added to Fanuc CRX Collaborative Robot

FANUC’s CRX Series of Collaborative Robots makes it simple and quick for manufacturers to get automation up and running. Designed to be easily integrated with peripheral devices, Vectro 2 from Third Dimension is the latest addition to the series of FANUC CRX-Ready products. Vectro 2 with FANUC CRX unlocks quick and easy automation of 2D profile measurements for metrology control … read more

Manufacturer Leverages Integrated Machine Vision To Drive Growth

Since cameras were first introduced in industrial manufacturing lines in the 1980s, factory teams have relied on them for one task – to detect quality issues. While the cameras and technology evolved – the use case did not. One New Brunswick, USA based company – Eigen Innovations – backed by global technology … read more

Phase3D Releases True Layer In-Situ Thickness Measurement

Phase3D, a Chicago-based company commercializing in-situ monitoring for additive manufacturing (AM), has announced the launch of True Layer Thickness. This toolkit measures the quantity, in microns, of metal powder spread across the build area, certifying uniform distribution for every layer of every build. The innovation sets a new standard in inspection for metal powder bed fusion … read more

Delving Into the Science Behind Zygo’s Latest Interferometer

Following the recent launch of Zygo’s Qualifire laser interferometer we sat down with Erin McDonnell the laser interferometer project manager to delve deeper into the background and technology behind the new product. Q: What motivated Zygo to develop the Qualifire laser interferometer, and how does it address the specific needs of various industries? … read more

Top Five Robot Trends 2024 – New Technologies Simplify Automation

The stock of operational robots around the globe hit a new record of about 3.9 million units. This demand is driven by a number of exciting technological innovations. The trend of using Artificial Intelligence in robotics and automation keeps growing. The emergence of generative AI opens-up new solutions. This subset of AI is specialized to create something new … read more

Nokia Launches MX Workmate Gen AI Solution For Connected Workers

Nokia has announced the launch of MX Workmate, a suite of operational technology (OT)-compliant tools, that makes it easier for industrial workers to interact with industrial machines. MX Workmate leverages Generative AI (GenAI) and large language module (LLM) technologies to generate contextual, human-like language content based on real-time OT data … read more

Intel Announces New Edge Platform For Scaling AI Applications

Intel has announced its new Edge Platform, a modular, open software enabling enterprises to develop, deploy, run, secure, and manage edge and AI applications at scale with cloud-like simplicity. Together, these capabilities will accelerate time-to-scale deployment for enterprises, contributing to improved total cost of ownership. “The edge is the next frontier of digital transformation … read more

Smart Factory: How Digital Is The Factory Of The Future?

The vision of the future for many entrepreneurs: the smart factory whose production organizes itself. From procurement and maintenance to flexible production – with the aid of digital production, operation of the factory of the future should be automated as far as possible. With the smart factory, companies can adapt to changing market conditions with greater agility … read more


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