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Managing Variation In Manufacturing Processes Through GD&T Analysis

Sigmetrix, a leader in tolerance analysis and GD&T authoring software, offer solutions and services enabling companies to better understand the impact of manufacturing variations on their designs, facilitating the ability to make more objective cost and quality decisions, achieving faster time to market, and delivering more innovative products. Sigmetrix is exhibiting at IMTS (booth 135961) located in the East Building, Level 3.

Variation is a reality of the manufacturing process and can be costly if not properly controlled. Sigmetrix focuses on helping their customers improve profitability by balancing the cost of poor product quality with the cost of manufacturing costs. This benefit can be achieved by quickly iterating to find dimensional controls for desired quality, making cost-effective process decisions, determining impact and action for “out of spec” parts, assisting with sustaining engineering and cost reduction efforts and providing consistency of data and understanding throughout the process

In addition to impacting cost, variation can affect cycle time. In today’s market, many companies either want to reduce development cost/time or want to gain a competitive edge by beating their competitors to market. Sigmetrix understands that ignoring mechanical variation during the initial design can create multiple iterative design loops.
Sigmetrix is helping manufacturing to avoid these issues by gaining insights that prototypes do not typically provide, analyzing product concepts that were previously too difficult to model and providing consistency of data and understanding throughout the process

“Sigmetrix is trying to help companies manage their variation to make better products,” stated Ed Walsh, VP of Global Sales. “Better products means that the product is safe and will operate more efficiently. Variation is something that is inevitable in manufacturing and can affect the quality of products. This can make products less competitive or create a poor customer experience. “

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