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LMI Releases New IIOT Vision Inspection Software Platform For Gocator 3D Smart Sensors

LMI Technologies (LMI) has announce the official release of its new GoPxL IIoT Vision Inspection Software. GoPxL is an embedded software application for creating end-to-end, web-based, inline measurement and inspection solutions deployed on Gocator 3D Smart Sensors.

Vision engineers can use GoPxL to solve a wide range of industrial inspection tasks leveraging a combination of on-sensor measurement filters and tools running on Gocator’s industry-leading laser, snapshot, and line confocal sensors.

GoPxL features include:

  • Reimagined Modern Web-Based User Interface with Powerful On-Sensor Measurement and Inspection Tools
  • Searchable Tools and Embedded Help Linked to GoPxL Measurement Tools and Filters
  • Single Sensor and Multi-Sensor Alignment Wizard
  • Multi-Layer Profiling and Multi-Dimensional Measurement Capability with Array Support
  • GoHMI Custom Human-Machine Interface Builder

The release of GoPxL 1.0 is one of the single most important new product introductions in recent LMI history. It represents the culmination of 30-plus years of experience and expertise in embedded machine vision software development informed directly by feedback from customers who use our products. Everything from the reimagined modern web-based user interface and new features like searchable tools, embedded tool help, multi-layer profiling support, and the ability to build custom HMIs for displaying and reporting Gocator sensor data on PC, touchscreen, or mobile device, raises the bar for the embedded vision software market and sets a strong foundation for future generations of FactorySmart 3D sensor products and solutions”, said Mark Radford, CEO, LMI Technologies.

GoPxL 1.0 is now available for download from the LMI website.

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