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Latest Software Dramatically Improves Measuring Productivity

ZEISS has announced that its users now have access to the latest version of its all-purpose measurement software with focus on standard geometries. ZEISS CALYPSO 2021 reduces the time and effort needed to analyze workpieces.

“ZEISS CAYPSO 2021 has over 60 new functions and improvements, which will lead to significantly better performance in quality control,” said Ana Carolina Mayr Adam from Product Management Metrology Application Software.

How significant the time savings are becomes clear when considering the calculation of free-form surfaces and point clouds. Due to improved mathematical algorithms and other innovations, the measurement results are now available 20 times faster than with ZEISS CALYPSO 2020.

Furthermore, users of ZEISS O-INSPECT will also be able to significantly speed up their entire optical measurement processes because the new software version reduces unnecessary travel paths and increases the possibility to sort measurement elements. The new software version also combines as many measurement elements as possible into one camera position, which is automatically determined according to the pre-set zoom level. As a comparison, a ZEISS O-INSPECT with the new ZEISS CALYPSO 2021 can optimize the measurement time by up to 270%.

Fast measurement with optics in ZEISS CALYPSO 2021

According to Mayr Adam, the new software will also offer a higher performance level with the introduction of a new option called ZEISS CALYPSO dynamic planning. This allows for a simple adjustment of the inspection scope based on dynamic rules from MES/ CAQ solutions, for example the ZEISS GUARDUS. By applying the dynamic rules, significant time savings can be achieved during the measurement process. An additional advantage is that since the users do not change the measurement plan themselves, these do not need to be certified again, which would be a time-consuming process.

In addition to speeding up the measurement process itself, the new software version also optimizes the programming. ZEISS CALYPSO 2021 makes it possible to program from the PMI with STEP AP 242. Furthermore, improvements in the programming process will contribute to additional time savings. ZEISS has simplified the workflow for showing deviation flags, and introduced numerous improvements for importing PMI.

Also the creation of reports with ZEISS PiWeb reporting and the change management for comparing inspection plans were optimized and contribute for even more time savings. The goal of most companies – namely zero-error production – can only be achieved efficiently “if the measurement process keeps pace with the speed of the production line,” explains ZEISS product manager Mayr Adam. She is therefore convinced that users “will continuously be able to increase the performance of the entire measurement process” with every new release of ZEISS CALYPSO in the future.

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