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Latest Metrolog X4 & Silma X4 Now Available

Metrologic Group has announced the availability of the latest versions of its metrology software products Metrolog X4 & Silma X4 to keep addressing the evolving challenges of 3D metrology of customers.

Geometrical Tolerance

As the industry standard for Geometric Tolerance continues to evolve, Metrologic Group remains dedicated to building the best and most up-to-date tolerance engine and have introduced new features and improvements in the latest release. The tolerance engine now offers even better PMI management and enhanced tolerance evaluation.

X4 i-Robot

Metrologic Group have announce that they have extended their partnership with Metronor and API to implement two new interfaces that cater to our clients’ automated and robotic scenarios. Metrologic commitment to offering customers the flexibility to choose from several control devices, according to their specific quality requirements remains unchanged. These new interfaces are the latest addition to the approach of providing comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of a diverse client base.

Augmented Reality

At Metrologic Group, innovation is one of its core values, and the latest version of X4 i-Holo is proof of this. This augmented reality (AR) solution is designed to assist end-users during the inspection measurement process and enables the virtual sharing of inspection results directly on the real part. Metrologic have gone one step further and completely revamped the X4 i-Holo architecture, launching version 2 based on feedback from users. The enhanced architecture makes it easier for customers to use AR technology and unlock the full potential of their inspection processes.

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