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Intelligent Shop Floor Data Capture With The Power Of Machine Monitoring

FourJaw has announced the release of v2.0 of its machine monitoring platform designed as an operational tool to enable manufacturers to achieve big gains in factory floor productivity.

The second-generation platform features a simplified and more intuitive dashboard design, enhanced mobile experience, powerful new work list imports, and a dedicated reporting section, as well as hundreds of performance improvements.

Developed after more than 12 months of customer feedback and industry learning, FourJaw 2.0 launched with improved functionality and additional features to empower manufacturers with the information they need to understand, manage and improve their factory floor operations.

“The feedback from our customers has been invaluable, enabling us to create FourJaw 2.0, an operational tool developed to meet the needs of everyone in the business from machine operatives, cell leads, factory floor managers and managing directors.” stated FourJaw cofounder and Chief Technology Officer, Robin hartley-Willows.

Hartley-Willows added “The big takeaway from the feedback is that manufacturers don’t want huge quantities of data to interrogate and scrutinise – that would just mean more workload for people who are already very busy. What they need is an easy-to-use operational tool that guides them with the right information at the right time, helps them to manage the complexities of the factory floor and enables the continuous improvement process. We’ve learned over the last year what a difficult job manufacturing businesses have, whether they’re making brassware for kitchens or parts for the automotive sector – if every machine is making different components, with different tooling, materials and techniques at every hour of the day, you get a complex system which naturally leads to inefficiency, and creates the productivity problem we all know too well.”

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