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HOOPS Visualize 2024 Sports Improved Point Cloud Management and Processing

Tech Soft 3D, a leading provider of engineering software development toolkits, has announced the availability of HOOPS Visualize 2024, the leading graphics SDK for 3D CAD rendering. HOOPS Visualize 2024 includes improvements to better handle massive point cloud data sets through its out-of-core engine. This release streamlines point cloud workflows by no longer requiring the use of a standalone preprocessor. Instead, developers can now import and process point clouds directly with the HOOPS Visualize API, allowing quicker data preparation and access.

Additional improvements to HOOPS Visualize include better memory management of instanced geometry, improved error reporting, increased render performance of highlighted text, and the addition of color animation of lines, edges, and markers. A significant improvement was also made to measurement visibility in the isolate, show, and hide functions, which allows developers to retain the visibility of exact measurements when parts are isolated.

A new bridge connects HOOPS Visualize to the newest toolkit in the HOOPS family, HOOPS Luminate, a graphics SDK for photo-realistic and advanced real-time rendering. The bridge enables both HOOPS Luminate and HOOPS Visualize to be used together to produce exceptional visual results directly within a single engineering application, supporting new workflows in various industries. The combined power of HOOPS Visualize and HOOPS Luminate gives developers complete control over the rendering process and access to an extensive library of advanced realistic materials – all using the same trusted toolkit provider.

“HOOPS Visualize is the gold standard in high-performance, engineering-focused graphics rendering for 3D CAD models,” said Marco Salino, Product Manager of Visualization Technologies at Tech Soft 3D. “The additions and enhancements made to data access using HOOPS Exchange, coupled with the advanced rendering of HOOPS Luminate, provide developers with the best possible tools to quickly build applications with stunning 3D graphics across nearly every market.”

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