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HOOPS 2023 Toolkits Deliver Improved Simulation, Analysis and Photo-Realism

Tech Soft 3D, provider of engineering software development toolkits, recently announces the release of the HOOPS 2023 industry-leading 3D software development toolkits (SDKs) that power world-class engineering applications across the globe and multiple industries.

The enhancements to the 2023 toolkits focus on enhanced format support to provide partners and customers unprecedented access to engineering and manufacturing data. Improved support for physical materials helps increase photo-realism in graphic display of 3D objects in both artificial and natural environments. Support for material clearcoat is now supported across all toolkits, enabling the visualization of a protective layer over a solid material or finish to exhibit shininess, reflection, and depth of color.

One of the main new features across all HOOPS toolkits is support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2019, protecting partners’ investment in adopting the HOOPS product suite as the supporting technology stacks evolve. This update allows partners to adopt more modern compiler and language features like C++17 in the Windows compiler. With HOOPS SDKs, developers are able to reduce product development costs and bring desktop, web and mobile applications to market faster.

“Technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, and our team is laser focused on making sure that our partners have the most sophisticated, robust and high-performing component technologies that will enable them to create the applications they need quickly and easily,” said Eric Vinchon, Vice President of Product Strategy at Tech Soft 3D. “Staying ahead of trends and getting to market faster than competitors is the main priority of our partners, and Tech Soft 3D is the best-in-class engine for 3D graphics, CAD data translation and 3D data publishing that will enable our partners to deliver those applications.”

HOOPS toolkits are also available through the HOOPS Native and HOOPS Web Platforms. HOOPS Platforms combine market-leading 3D technologies for CAD data exchange, visualization and data publishing, along with tight connections to popular modeling kernels. With a single licensing fee, these offerings are the most cost-effective way to leverage the full spectrum of HOOPS functionality for both existing applications and future development projects.

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