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High-Performance 3D Scanning Spray for Sensitive Surfaces

The new self-volatilizing 3D scanning spray ATTBLIME ABzero has been specially developed for sensitive surfaces such as 1k coatings or sensitive plastics. Like all ATTBLIME versions, it has an optimized odor and contains 0% titanium dioxide (TiO2), n-hexane and adamantane.

The raw material cyclododecane, which has been established for decades and optimized by professionals in measurement technology, serves as the basis. This has not been identified by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) as either a PBT or SVHC substance and is therefore harmless to both humans and nature.

The absolutely homogeneous layer has a thickness of just 2.9µm and thus guarantees perfect 3D scanning data. The real scan time of up to one hour is especially designed for small and medium-sized components. After scanning, the spray sublimates completely – so cleaning is no longer necessary.

In the year 2020, the product developer Graichen, together with the southern German measurement service provider topometric, developed a way to produce the substance cyclododecane, which had already been established for many years, in a version optimized for industrial 3D measurement technology with a purity of around 99.9%. Under the name ATTBLIME, a product series of both sublimating and semi-permanent 3D scanning sprays was created in a very short time, which is now one of the world leaders in the field of optical 3D metrology.

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