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German Machine Vision Systems Specialist Opens USA Subsidiary

Senswork from Germany has opened a subsidiary in Tennessee, to support its North America clients. Senswork is an expert in machine vision systems and specializes in optical inspection, industrial image processing, deep learning and testing equipment manufacturing.

“We develop vision for machines for quality control in the automation industry.” Ryan Lilly, president at senswork Inc. “As an industry leader in image processing, senswork is considered one of the best turnkey machine vision system specialists in Germany” He continues: “Especially in situations where manufacturing efficiency can provide companies with stability through turbulent times, product quality assurance through machine vision is a must, and we are excited that we are now able to support our clients here in the USA.”

Senswork’s inspection solutions are used in the automotive, electronics, medical, and food industries. Their automated inspection solutions help to reduce costs by recognizing and minimizing rejects in the manufacturing process at an early stage. Senswork helps to ensure product quality, and guarantees product traceability by tracking and collecting data during the entire production.

While senswork has developed vision systems that are used in various manufacturing industries (automotive, packaging, food & beverage), one main area of focus is also the electronic connector industry to assure quality and safety. To solve complex and demanding machine vision tasks, such as in the automotive and food industries, senswork also uses AI and Deep Learning for machines.

Rainer Obergrussberger, vice president at senswork Inc. statedSolving complex machine vision challenges to guarantee quality assurance where a zero-error rate is essential, is what drives us.” He continues: “Our curiosity and commitment to innovative solutions are key to the new developments in the field of AI, deep learning and image processing.”  

Senswork does everything in-house including software programming, system design & integration with turnkey test equipment manufacturing allowing clients to rely on a single source for all the different services.

“The manufacturing of production processes in Germany mirror those at industrial plants in the US. We look forward to applying our bundled know-how here in the Tri-Cities region and the South East corridor. Our initial projects in 2021 with Tier 1 automotive manufactures have been successful,” said Roman Rieger, vice president at senswork Inc.

Senswork can combine several areas of expertise, including end-of-line solutions, 3D Laser Triangulation Systems, and Depth-from-Focus Systems. Amongst their innovative products is the new ZScan, a fast 3D multi-sensor system for large objects. senswork is also a partner system integrator of Cognex.

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