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BLUM To Introduce New TC55 Touch Probe At EMO

Blum-Novotest will present the new TC55 touch probe at 2021 EMO exhibition in Milan. The company is expanding its CNC machine tool product range by adding an extremely compact system featuring the innovative shark360 measuring mechanism and fast infrared transmission.

Winfried Weiland, Head of Marketing at Blum-Novotest GmbH, explains: “The TC55 is BLUM’s smallest wireless probe to date. With a length of just 46 mm and a diameter of only 32 mm, it is perfect for use in highly compact milling centres, turning centres and turning-milling centres in micro-machining and medical technology applications, and for measuring components on additive manufacturing machines. And it can be used for more than just workpiece measurement. Thanks to its face-geared measuring mechanism, it is also eminently suitable for tactile measurement of turning tools. This means there is no system like it on the market: No other probe with these dimensions offers such great adaptability in use.”

With the TC55 touch probe, BLUM is presenting an extremely compact system with the innovative shark360 measuring mechanism and fast infrared transmission. In DUO mode a workpiece probe and a tool probe can be operated sequentially with only one infrared receiver.

The TC55 is equipped with the proven shark360 measuring mechanism. This technology, which is the only one of its kind in the world, supplements the multidirectional measuring mechanism with a face gear with 72 teeth, which facilitates both pulling and torsional measurements in the C axis. The torsion forces that occur are absorbed by the face gear and therefore have no influence on the measurement result. What’s more, the trigger signal for the measurement process is not issued by means of a mechanical contact. Instead, this is carried out opto-electronically by shading a miniature light barrier inside the system. As a result, it can be operated without wear and tear and guarantees maximum reliability for many years, even under the most adverse working conditions. For very small and delicate workpieces, BLUM also offers the measuring system in a TC55 LF (Low Force) variant whereby the measuring forces have been significantly reduced in all probing directions.

The system design allows for significantly higher measuring speeds than comparable systems, something that is typical for a BLUM probe. Considering the fact that standard probes can carry out measurements at a rate of only 400-500 mm/min, the fact that the TC55 can achieve a rate of 2000 mm/min results in a huge reduction in measuring time. Made entirely of stainless steel, the probe is perfectly suited to the harsh environment of machine tools and is protected according to protection class IP68. In addition to the highly precise trigger point repeatability of 0.3 μm 2σ, other benefits of the TC55 include very low power consumption.

Data is transmitted to the machine control system by way of the BLUM IC56 infrared receiver. The TC55 can also be combined with other Blum measuring components that use IR data transmission (DUO mode), thus allowing sequential operation of two probes or a workpiece probe and a tool probe using only one infrared receiver, resulting in cost savings for the customer.

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