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GelSight Adds Radius of Curvature Measurement Function

GelSight has announced the latest version of GelSight Mobile which now includes the new Radius of Curvature function, along with additional ease-of-use enhancements to improve productivity in surface inspection workflows.

The new software broadens the suite of surface inspection and analysis capabilities improving the capabilities of GelsSight system and resulted from listening and partnering with our customers to identify new use cases for tactile sensing technology.

Radius of Curvature: This new function enables fast, precise, portable radii measurement on turbine/compressor blade edges, tire block edges, and small-dimension parts such as pins, rods, and cylindrical items up to 1mm (0.04”) in diameter. In addition, it can instantly calculate the min, max, mean, and median radius along a 10mm (0.4”) wide area with user-selectable profile widths and sample size of up to 21 parallel profiles at one press of a button!

Enhanced Replica Transform: Based on the creative uses and feedback of customers using the Replica Transform feature, GelSight have responded to suggestions to make the feature more user-friendly, and extend the capability to more users. Replica Transform now has more obvious indicators in the Capture and Explore windows, and allows for applying or removing the transform function from scans without having to redo the scan of the part.

Full capabilities of GelSight Mobile 2.4 and 3.0 includi Profile Roughness, Replica Measurement with Image Transformation, Pit Detection/Corrosion, and Shot Peen surface analysis functions. GelSight Mobile 3.1 also contains numerous improvements to existing capabilities such as permitting profile regions to be modified with tablet touchscreens, batch analysis, results reporting, shape drawing, status indicators, and more.

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