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Eliminating Risks Before Introducing New Technologies Into Smart Manufacturing Operations

Audi uses its Production Lab (P-Lab) to identify new and innovative technologies and reliably integrate them into production sequences. In Gaimersheim, just a few minutes drive from Audi’s Ingolstadt plant, experts under P-Lab director Henning Löser test the suitability of trailblazing new solutions for series production which means finding and testing innovations that reliably help optimize efficiency, ergonomics, flexibility, and quality in Audi plants.

When sharp minds work together, a comfortable couch isn’t always necessary. Certainly not in Audi’s Production Lab. Anyone who enters the hall in Gaimersheim feels like they are in a combination of a shop floor and an IT lab. In one corner are the 5G antennas. Diagonally across from them, an industrial robot is sitting on its base. Behind that are the server cabinets. IT experts sit at desks looking at their computers. “We take an idea that worked once under lab conditions and get it off the ground so it can go into stable 24/7 operation,” Löser explains. “We don’t need a big sofa or a football table for that.”