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East China Machine Vision Industrial Park Inaugurated

On August 28, the OPT East China Machine Vision Industrial Park was inaugurated. This marked a new progress in the design of China domestic industrial sites. At the same time, the main part of OPT Headquarters Machine Vision Industrial Park was completed, as well as the preparation of the Global Research and Development Center. The gradual completion of these projects further highlights OPT’s strength in scientific and technological innovation and, in particular, the advantages of its own product line which will will once again expand the machine vision industry map.

Machine vision is an essential part of smart manufacturing and part of industrial automation. Since its establishment 16 years ago, OPT has been focusing on the field of machine vision and has participated in the construction of highly automated factories in many industries at home and abroad, gaining abundant experience.

OPT East China Machine Vision Industrial Park covers an area of 4.6 acres with a total building area of around 55,000 m2. This industrial park is classified as a key investment project by Suzhou city. The overall architecture design concept of the industrial park is closely related to the machine vision industry. Its top is oval, as if a lens is standing and a combination of both futuristic and high-tech concepts.

As an important R&D, production and sales base of OPT, East China Machine Vision Industrial Park will enhance its strengths in technology development and after-sales service. On the one hand, it will focus on core machine vision technology research, accelerating the development of machine vision technology by building an R&D center platform and attracting excellent new talents from East and North China.

OPT will also strengthen all technical service functions such as technical consultation, technical training, experimental selection testing and troubleshooting by building a product application center, product laboratory, multimedia training room and technical test area. In the machine vision industrial park OPT has also established a machine vision manufacturing center, built a smart digital factory, realized automatic assembly of lenses, light sources and cameras, opened an integrated control production line, improved production efficiency and product quality, and highlighted the advantages of independent products in the layout of each product line.

In planning the machine vision industrial park at the headquarters, OPT has fully combined its own machine vision technology and smart factory construction experience, optimized and improved on the basis of the existing factory, and focused on building a model factory for smart manufacturing.

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