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Draft Safety Standard For Coordinate Measuring Machines Published

Coordinate measuring machines are used in many industries to ensure high-quality production. Moving parts, for example when moving the measuring head or changing workpieces, electromagnetic fields or laser radiation can pose hazards to operators. In order to minimize this potential hazard with specific requirements, a group of experts from industry and trade associations has come together in the VDMA Measuring and Testing Technology Association to draw up specifications for coordinate measuring machines.

To date, various standards, for example from the robotics sector, have been used. However, despite similar kinematics, the requirements cannot be transferred one-to-one to coordinate measuring machines. Specific safety-related specifications for industrially used coordinate measuring machines are now available in the form of a VDMA standard sheet. It applies to measuring machines that are operated by non-human power or in which a drive system supports human power.

The draft of the VDMA 8721:2024-01 standard sheet has been published in early January 2024. There will now be a two-month comment period.

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