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Dimensional Quality Solution Provide Supply Chain Integration And Enhances 3D Visualization

ATS Global recently announced the release of the latest version of ATS CM4D, a world-leading software solution for perfect dimensional quality in manufacturing. The latest version has built on a powerful foundation by strengthening supply chain integration by enabling dimensional data from disparate suppliers and vendors to be collated and analyzed together.

ATS CM4D v25 also provides greatly enhanced 3D reporting capabilities, further closing the loop between production and design.

Working with Multiple Formats and Thousands of Data Points

The new capabilities enhance the key strength of ATS CM4D, which is its ability to receive thousands of dimensional data points from multiple sources in multiple formats, translate and combine it all, and automatically generate comprehensive reports highlighting results on CAD models of the product.

This approach is relied upon by manufacturers around the world to provide standardized, actionable information, no matter the data source.

Supply Chain Integration fulfil Customer Requests

An issue frequently reported by customers was that their suppliers lacked sufficient dimensional analysis capabilities. This meant that components arriving from different locations may not have fitted together or may simply have been out of tolerance.

To address this, ATS CM4D v25 has introduced a web-based portal allowing vendors and suppliers to submit their data for reporting and analysis, enabling manufacturers to check integrity between components before they’ve even been arrived for assembly.

Enhanced 3D Visualization

The actionable insights provided by 3D CAD reports have been given a boost in version 25, as the Hoops graphics engine has been implemented providing many additional capabilities including:

  • Interactive cutting planes
  • Sliding scale transparency
  • 3D feature markers unique to each feature type
  • Display modes for improved hardcopy and screenshots

These additional features are accompanied by enhanced CAD rendering and the ability to directly import CAD models into the system.

Customer-Driven Development

“With this latest evolution of ATS CM4D we’re ensuring that manufacturers can extract ever more value from their manufacturing data. It’s our customers that are driving development forward as they continue to find new applications for our software, bringing together their dimensional, attribute, variable and even process data within ATS CM4D to uncover hidden trends, correlations and anomalies.” stated Michael Hoppe Development Operations Director at ATS Global.

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