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DesCAD Version 7.0 Offers Big Step Forward

Wenzel DesignTec has announced the release of Version 7.0 of its DesCAD software developed for automotive design studios. The company states the new version makes a big leap forward with a completely modernized interface, as well as new features and improvements.

DesCAD is an easy to use CAD software tailormade for the needs of design studios. DesCAD allows users to create, modify and measure surfaces, geometric elements, polylines, splines, point clouds and triangle meshes including target performance comparison, report functions with graphic and numerical protocols.

DesCAD allows the digitizing of models with optional laser scanner including automatic generation of scanning paths for existing models. Reverse Engineering functionality provides triangulation of point clouds, generation of B-spline surfaces, and export in IGES and STEP formats.

Incorporated new features in DesCAD include:

– New feature on flip faces for automatic face orientation.

– New feature to include blank clay for Clay Roughing NC program generation

– New feature limiting WPC log file and removing old log files automatically

– New feature to edit and duplicate NC in the show NC widget

– New warning for homing machine

– Automatic backup for GlobalSystemSettings.ini

– Automatic check and prompt for turning on log file logging upon DesCAD start

– Refresh the connected database automatically after changing the database file

– Rotating Excalibur milling head automatically create the new position when derived calibration is available

– Add simple milling, container milling and drilling on TreeView context menu

– Move following error setting to a secured window for technician and remove pops up during milling

 – CAM functions to create and modify milling files incl. simulation

– Execute and modify NC milling files (incl. safety planes and Container Mode for combining multiple programmes)

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