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Control Expo 2024 Preview #3

With what has traditionally been one of the most important event in the exhibition calendar for Quality Control and Metrology equipment and services suppliers fast approaching, we publish the third in a series of preview articles highlighting a few of the many new and innovative solutions that will be showcased at the Control Exhibition 23rd – 26th April in Stuttgart, Germany.

Laser Line Profile Measurement

The G3F is a family of laser line profile measurement devices designed for handheld, robot-guided or stationary operations. Portability, wireless connectivity, AI-based processing and ergonomics are a few of the key features characterizing these instruments. The G3F devices are designed for a customized, flexible, and comprehensive approach for specific applications, ranging from in-line quality control to laboratory quality testing as well as for product-development. Profile (G3F-Profil) or Gap-and-Flush measurements (G3F-GF) are available with the same device.

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Digital Microscope With 4K and 60 Frames Per Second Live Images

When it comes to image resolution, 4K has become the established industry standard. It ensures high-quality images that allow users to see every last sample detail. Many 4K digital microscopes only work at 30 frames per second. From the user’s perspective, this can be uncomfortable during daily work as there is a delay between what is happening under the microscope and what is shown on the monitor.  Everything that happens under the microscope is displayed on the monitor using autofocus in real time. Digital microscopes from TAGARNO numerous advantages including precise analysis of materials and samples, optimize production processes and improve quality assurance. Real-time data acquisition promotes fast decision-making and seamless collaboration. In addition, they support adherence to compliance guidelines through improved documentation. Automated analysis functions increase efficiency and reduce manual workloads. User-friendliness, with functions such as zoom and focus stacking, increases ergonomics and simplifies operation.

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Vibration Sensor Key To Fast Acoustic Quality Inspection

The IVS-500 Industrial Vibration Sensor is the key to fast acoustic quality inspection, structure-borne noise analysis and reliable pass-fail decisions. The Laser sensor measures reliably, in demanding industrial environments, without contact and therefore without wear and on virtually all surfaces. Costs and yields are therefore optimized by reducing false rejects in the production and assembly process. The simple setup and ruggedized sensor design of the IVS-500 enable a smooth integration into production test systems. Complemented with the software tool QuickCheck, Polytec offers a comprehensive solution for reliable pass/fail analysis. The IVS-500 comes as compact all-in-one with decoding electronics integrated into the sensor. Several models can be selected depending on your application – from low to ultrasonic frequencies and from low to high velocities. The optional remote and auto focus allow users to adapt to different sample geometries and guarantee the best signal-to-noise ratio for each sample tested.

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Reimagining Manufacturing Quality

High QA provides comprehensive manufacturing quality solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity. The integrated suite is comprised of HQA 360, a manufacturing quality management software (QMS), and HQA HUB, a supplier quality management software (SQM). From ballooning/bubbling drawings and creating inspection plans, to collecting data and generating FAI/APQP/PPAP submission documents, High QA automates quality manufacturing processes. The software ensures parts are manufactured on-time, on-budget, and on-quality. High QA streamlines workflows and provides real-time insights empowering manufacturers, supply chain partners, and customers to achieve success through collaboration and reliable manufacturing quality management.
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Large Area Form and Roughness Measurement With One System

The TopMap Pro.Surf+ conveniently determines surface roughness and form deviation in a single measurement system – precise, reliable and cost-efficient. The additional roughness sensor and smart data acquisition takes the high-end surface measuring system TopMap Pro.Surf to the next level forming an all-in-one instrument. The resulting Pro.Surf+ is ideal for measuring precision surfaces – in the metrology laboratory, close to production and even right in the production line thanks to a high level of repeatability. The TopMap Pro.Surf+ offers the customized solution for all surface characterization requirements using parameters such as flatness, step heights, parallelism and roughness. All in all, the spatial resolution, the telecentric lens and the speed cut a very impressive figure indeed. The combination of a white-light interferometer with chromatic confocal technology means that no details are overlooked. Two million spots are recorded on a large 44 x 33 mm measuring surface in a matter of seconds without any need for stitching – and the surface area can be extended to 230 x 220 mm. What with a 70 mm vertical measurement range and excellent vertical resolution regardless of the image field sizes, there is plenty of leeway for flexible measuring tasks. The telecentric lens reaches hard-to-access areas, such as holes.

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FocusX Offers Optical 3D Measurement Technology For Smaller Budgets

FocusX, the new addition to the Bruker Alicona measurement technology family, can be tested live for the first time at Control 2024. Control will provide FocusX with its first major international stage. The special feature of the new system is its price-performance ratio. FocusX is equipped with technologies that currently represent the measure of all things on the market but in a more compact format. For users, the Advanced Focus-Variation technology revolutionizes precision measurement. It combines the functionalities of a roughness measuring machine and a coordinate measuring machine. One device for all metrology tasks. Components with steep flanks, different reflection properties, and structured roughness can be displayed and measured in high resolution. But that’s not all: in addition to the Advanced Focus variation, the ‘Vertical Focus Probing’ technology is also available for FocusX, which increases the maximum measurable flank angle to over 90°. FocusX is therefore at the cutting edge of technology. Bruker Alicona developers have succeeded in positioning FocusX in a price range in which no other measuring device with similar precision features can compete and wants to dispel the myth that optical 3D metrology is more expensive than tactile methods.

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