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Control Expo 2024 Preview #1

With what has traditionally been one of the most important event in the exhibition calendar for Quality Control and Metrology equipment and services suppliers fast approaching, we publish the first in a series of preview articles highlighting a few of the many new and innovative solutions that will be showcased at the Control Exhibition 23rd – 26th April in Stuttgart, Germany.

Non Contact Real-Time Coating Layer Thickness Measurement

The currently used quality control methods for the coating layer thickness measurement present any of the following flaws that had to be addressed with a new technology: require contact, measure the thickness of the entire coating instead of every layer, only valid on metallic substrates but not on plastic or composites, only valid for flat surfaces, requires very complex calibration process to add new layer schemes, etc.

das-Nano has solved the challenge thanks to the Irys system, a contactless and non-destructive system that measures the thickness of each coating layer, up to 7 layers. Irys is based on the cutting-edge terahertz technology, which is non-ionizing and, therefore, harmless for humans. Real-time thickness measurements of wet, dry and cured coatings onto any kind of substrate (plastic, metallic and composite) are obtained, providing the customer with faster R&D processes for painting new parts, more reliable painting processes and early detection of defective pieces. In addition, the system is fully automated (compatible with any conventional industrial and collaborative robot) and features a self-calibration system that requires no calibration stops. Applicable on flat and curved surfaces, has an excellent accuracy of 1 micron and measures layer thicknesses down to 5 microns.

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Production Ready 3D Optical Profiler System

The ZeGage Pro and ZeGage Pro HR 3D optical profilers provide non-contact measurement and characterization of micro and nano-scale features of many types of surfaces, ensuring quality control and process monitoring in your manufacturing environment.

The industry-leading ZeGage Pro-series sets the standard for performance, ease of use, flexibility, and precision of benchtop-class industrial non-contact surface profilers. Built on ZYGO’s proprietary CSI technology, the ZeGage Pro delivers innovative technologies to enable precise, reliable, simple, and confident surface metrology.

Exclusive capabilities include SureScan technology for vibration robust metrology, Part Finder, and Smart Setup for simplified part setup and optimized measurements. It’s has never been simpler to measure a wide variety of surfaces and parts, quickly and easily.

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Fast Optical Inspection of Lateral Surfaces

The KVC 821 optical quality inspection system from Kistler captures entire lateral surfaces of test parts in high resolution, thanks to the new multicapture device, which features eight mirrors arranged in a circle. This means that parts no longer have to be mechanically rotated, and defects such as scratches or dents can be precisely detected in a single pass. This way, the camera station enables cycle times of up to 400 parts per minute. The KiVision image processing software uses AI-supported algorithms to detect previously unknown anomalies.

Kistler shows how quality control and assembly can be individually tailored to the component, the production process and manufacturer’s inspection requirements with the Smart Single Station. The Smart Single Station allows different levels of automation with options for manual or automated part handling. Kistler experts also advise on suitable optical and mechanical testing methods when creating the concept.

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HandySCAN 3D|MAX Series – 3D Scanner For Large Parts

The MAX Series has all the attributes that made the HandySCAN 3D line-up the reference in the industry: true portability, blue laser technology, integrated photogrammetry, live meshing, and more. It also offers new key features, guaranteed to simplify any scanning process:

Flex Volume: This enables the user to scan with remarkable quality at a short standoff distance and measure large parts at very high speed from a longer standoff distance.

Smart Surface Algorithm: Its sophisticated image processing, combined with artificial intelligence, optimizes surface measurements for unparalleled tracking, better performance, better readings of difficult, contrasted finishes, and a simpler scanning process.

Real-Time Calibration: The MAX Series integrates the calibration step directly into the scanning workflow, performing it automatically and seamlessly.

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Web-Based Test and Work Planning

More and more documentation is required in production – how can this be digitalised and automated?

DatenBerg offers a new module for integrated work and test planning. The web-based solution enables the creation of digital quality control charts, production data acquisition and work documentation. By using this module, the use of paper is reduced, employees are supported and measurements can be transferred directly and automatically, which increases efficiency and at the same time reduces the potential for errors. The module offers the option of creating your own work and test plans, managing workstations and version management.

The employees carry out the tests in the browser on a tablet or computer. In addition to the measured values, attributive features such as predefined selection lists and photos can also be documented. The module builds on the already established data acquisition, analysis and visualisation tools. This eliminates the need for manual export to prepare reports or analyses. With the web-based approach, external testing laboratories can also be integrated and data can be released and made accessible to the customer in a targeted manner.

DatenBerg GmbH is a software provider with the mission of making data usable in production. The software solutions enable centralised data storage of measuring equipment and machines, manual analysis and automated production monitoring. We are active in various industries, including automotive suppliers, the food industry and electronics manufacturing.

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