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Control Expo 2023 Preview #3

With the most important event in the exhibition calendar for Quality Control and Metrology equipment and services suppliers fast approaching we publish the 3rd in a series of preview articles highlighting a few of the many new and innovative solutions that will be showcased at the Control Exhibition May 9 – 12th May in Stuttgart, Germany.

Metronor MultiCam Systems With New robot-Guided M-Scan 120

Making its debut is the new M-Scan 120, from Metronor – now also robot-guided. The next generation 3D scanner provides a new level of scanning performance and convenience. It is portable, with an ergonomic handle, and lightweight due to its carbon fiber frame. Like all Metronor products, the M-Scan 120 does not need any stickers or targets to be placed on the part – just aim and scan. There is also no need to spray or treat measurement objects as the blue laser and sensor automatically adjust to rapidly changing degrees of reflection with high contrast, highly absorbing coatings, almost mirrored surfaces, and almost transparent materials.

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1factory Quality Control Software

The QM software 1factory is stated to do what five different quality management systems used to do – automated capture and ballooning of inspection characteristics from PDF drawings, automated data import from coordinate measuring machines (CMM), create inspection plans, create initial sample inspection reports (EMPB / FAI), gauge management, initial sample inspections, incoming goods inspections, production inspections, final inspection. With 1factory users accelerate quality control – from the creation of test drawings and control plans to the collection of test data as well as analysis and reporting. With automated test planning and quality control, users prevent errors and can rely on first-class data quality.

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Plug & Play CMM Retrofit Controller 

The advanced retrofit CMM motion controller, Chameleon, from EasyCMM is plug and play and allows  existing CMM software and part programs to be retained. Chameleon can natively communicate with all leading CMM inspection software and can also connect to any CMM with no need to cut any cable, re-wiring or do a full CMM calibration.
Retrofitting to Chameleon controller can be completed in one day and is designed to work with the most advanced optical sensors.

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Digital Fingerprint Traceability Solution For Quality Assurance 

Detagto’s digital fingerprint is a new and innovative process in traceability. Instead of applying a marking, individual structures on the surface of parts are used. These surfaces of the individual parts alone are sufficient for the system to recognize and assign the object. The structures are created during the normal manufacturing process of the components and therefore do not have to be applied in an additional process step. They are formed by random processes and are therefore always slightly different for each component. This makes the digital fingerprint both mark-free and forgery-proof. In production and quality assurance, all that is required to use the digital fingerprint is to take a picture of the component surface using a standard industrial camera. A special algorithm then creates the actual fingerprint from the image material.

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New Optical Shaft Metrology Gages Feature Advanced Edge Detection 

The new Adcole OptiShaft optical shaft metrology gages are designed in cooperation with a technology partner with over 75 years of optical measurement expertise. The OptiShaft brings a modern approach that will meet the exacting standards of shaft measurement in industries such as automotive, including EV, NEV, hybrid and traditional drive/powertrain applications. The OptiShaft product line is a non-contact, automatic dimensional gage series that combines production speed with high precision. It was specifically designed to be operated in either the manufacturing floor or a measurement room environment. Telecentric optics, collimated LED illumination, advanced edge-detection technology, and automatic point generation allows for easy feature extraction.

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Seconds Instead of Minutes – Quality Control With Flying Spot Scanner

The Flying Spot Scanner (FSS) 310 combines OCT with wide field-of-view scanning and solves the issue of ultra-precise measuring systems normally working very slowly and being extremely expensive. This scanner’s flexible and fast-moving measurement point within a wide field of view enables non-contact ROI inspection in much reduced cycle times – with no comprises on accuracy. The FSS 310 can also significantly boost productivity in semiconductor production by enabling a throughput of over 300 wafers per hour. The key to such speed is its in-built scanning system which allows the long paths of linear axes to be replaced by short rotary movements. This significantly reduces measuring times and does away with the need for a precision axis.

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