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Control Expo 2023 Preview #2

With the most important event in the exhibition calendar for Quality Control and Metrology equipment and services suppliers fast approaching we publish the 2nd in series of preview articles highlighting a few of the many new and innovative solutions that will be showcased at the Control Exhibition May 9 – 12th May in Stuttgart, Germany.

New Helicheck Nano Measuring Machine

With the Helicheck Nano, Walter has developed the first automatable measuring machine for the operator-independent measurement of micro tools. For the fully automatic complete measurement of complex geometries, the Helicheck Nano CNC measuring machine in the micro and nano range is the ideal solution. Due to its microscopic sensor technology, even the smallest geometries can be reliably recorded and evaluated – from a diameter of 0.1 mm. With certified accuracy, it sets standards for ensuring productivity, quality and precision in modern tool production by automating tool machining and assumes the key function of  quality control with integrated tolerance compensation in the process.

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 Multi-Sensor EV Stator Measuring Machine

The innovative automatic measuring system enables complete quality control and quality data analysis of EV electrical stators to ensure dimensional parts accuracy. Multi-sensors include tactile measurement to detect form and position, laser triangulation sensors for distance control, camera systems for parts detection and encoder systems for parts position detection. The system all the measurement of more than 60 measuring features in less than 120 seconds cycle time and can be configured for in-line fully automatic mode. Integrated temperature compensation system, data measurement and visualization with integrated data statistics together with easy-to-use VARIOsoft system offers simple test plan creation feature with Q-DAS interface. The system offers a fully integrated and automatic calibration process.

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Q-buddy – Fully Automatic Production Quality Inspection

The world’s first Q-buddy is a highly efficient unit designed to perform a full quality inspection of mechanically machined precision parts directly at the production machine. Operating personnel immediately receive a message should production parts deviate from a given warning limit. If such deviation exceeds the intervention limit, parts are automatically sorted out. Using an interface, the system production can be automatically stopped. The operating principle of the system relies on a highly accurate measurement of the part weight. To achieve high measurement quality, parts are automatically cleaned and dried in Q-buddy before weighing at a rate of up to 180 production parts per hour. Real-time monitoring Q-buddy offers visualisation of production data from several plants online or on mobile devices. Q-buddy offers predictive manu­facturing due to algorithms, machine learning and pattern recognition.

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Image Capture Tool Turns a Robot Into a µs-flash Measuring Machine

The Robot Image Capture Tool is a novel tool for flexible inspection technology that turns industrial robots into a universal measuring or inspection machine. It can be attached to standardised robot arms via the standardised connection plate (ISO 9409-1). The module combines all the necessary components for robot-supported image acquisition: a CMOS camera with a high-resolution lens, a high-intensity power LED ring illumination and a digital illumination controller. The signal connection is made directly to the robot controller (trigger, status, power supply). In addition, only one cable is needed for the image data for the image processing system. The four 90° sectors of the LED ring illumination can be controlled from the capture tool in any order and combination. sequence and combination from within the Capture Tool, allowing even difficult lighting scenes or 3D lighting scenarios can be realised.

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Automated visual Quality Inspection with Artificial Intelligence

The preML artificial intelligence-based solution, helps manufacturing companies automate their visual quality inspection quickly and cost-effectively. In doing so, preML use state-of-the-art image processing algorithms and methods to maximize the success rate of the system. In addition to three core components – the defect detection algorithms, dashboard, and the computer hardware – preML also provide the appropriate camera equipment and lighting as well as installation and maintenance services. Through a live view and dashboard analytics, users can remotely access quality reports and indicators and can also integrate the system in ERP or QMS systems. preML see themselves as a holistic partner in the automation of this task from the feasibility analysis to design and implementation.

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