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Control Expo 2023 Preview #1

With the most important event in the exhibition calendar for Quality Control and Metrology equipment and services suppliers fast approaching we commence a series of preview articles highlighting a few of the many new and innovative solutions that will be showcased at the Control Exhibition May 9 – 12th May in Stuttgart, Germany.

Surface Quality Control Has Never Been So Easy and Reliable

Getting rid of any user intervention and result interpretation whatsoever, Ayríís uses groundbreaking technology for perfectly reliable QC checks of wettability. With just one click and in seconds, the 3D Contact Angle of water is measured and auto-validated with a simple passed/failed message using preset quality limits. The highly advanced 3D drop projection technique of Ayríís provides automatic self-checking of consistency and plausibility of each result.

Created for QC inspections for pre-treated or cleaned materials that simply always succeed without prior knowledge: with Ayríís, assessments of drop images or pre- and post-processing for difficult surfaces are a thing of the past. Set the quality limits for your different materials via the easy-to-use touch display and let Ayríís do the quality assessment with a clear passed/failed message. Nothing else is needed – Ayríís is handy, robust, and completely mobile without any additional hardware or software. The pure water required is supplied in cartridges that can be changed in seconds and inserting the commercially available rechargeable batteries is just as easy – nothing stands in the way of 24/7 use for your quality tests.

– QA of cleaning steps as well as pre-treatment and coating processes
– Determination of the wettability of solid materials before coating
– Testing the effectiveness of hydrophobic coatings and other coatings
– Mobile measurement on large workpieces and finished products

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Integrated Absolute Measuring System For Miniature Guideways

Schneeberger Linear technology is presenting a world’s first to the market. The new Schneeberger absolute measuring system ‘SAM’ is a further digital step for linear guideways with guiding and measuring integrated in one system solution. ‘SAM’ is currently the smallest absolute measuring system integrated in the miniature guideways type MINIRAIL.

The unique Schneeberger absolute measuring system “SAM” is therewith another digital step for linear guideways in the Industry 4.0 environment. Guiding and measuring as an integrated system solution as well as the plug & play functions open up new digital applications and solutions for the manufacturing industry. 3 of 5 possible interfaces can be used simultaneously (BiSS / SSI, ABZ, UVW, SPI, analogue Sin/Cos) The calibrated parameter values are stored in the sensor’s internal EEPROM so that the carriage finds it´s last position.

In addition, the scale is lasered directly onto the guideway, giving the user a quick overview. With > 2 µm (3-sigma), it is extremely accurate in position and secures the process reliability. With ‘SAM’, guiding and measuring as an integrated system solution in the smallest space takes on a new, enormously compact dimension.

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Emspira 3 Digital Microscope – Inspiring Simple Inspection

Emspira 3 combines everything needed for comprehensive visual inspection into a single system, including comparison, measurement, and documentation sharing. Save time when meeting demanding throughput targets and inspecting diverse samples. Emspira 3 helps make decisions more efficiently through its secure storage and easy sharing of documentation – no matter whether you inspect in stand-alone mode or with a PC. The robust design of Emspira 3 allows users to focus confidently and reliably on their inspection work both in production and laboratory environments.

The Emspira 3 digital microscope is powered by the Enersight software platform, which helps users inspect, compare, measure and share seamlessly on a single intuitive interface, regardless of how or where. Benefits include streamline of inspection process, easy access to images for all and a reliable flexible solution.

The need for training and supervision is reduced through its unified and easy-to-use interface. The Enersight interface can be used in multiple operation modes, such as on-screen display or mobile (for phones or tablets). Enersight is also available as a downloadable app (iOS and Android) for mobile devices.

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FormCheck Circular Geometry Measuring Software

RPI UK, a world’s leader in precision rotation and angular positioning, will launch its FormCheck circular geometry measuring software at Control 2023. FormCheck verifies circular parts of any size with a world class accuracy more commonly seen in the standards laboratory.

Manufacturers in the high precision and general machining industries will be able to check roundness to the required accuracy of any turned or ground parts. Used in conjunction with any of RPI’s standard range of rotary tables will allow the inspection of circular components such as pinions and gears, gauges, bearings, aero engine components and optical assemblies in a production environment.

Integrated at the show with a manually rotated TruMotion rotary table it can be used to measure small and medium sized round parts weighing up to 50kg. TruMotion has a radially adjustable articulated probe holder and an axial and radial bearing performance of less than 1micron. Peter Marchbank, Managing Director of RPI, states: “Precision engineering companies, from global producers to small machining workshops, will now be able to easily verify and inspect small and medium sized circular parts with the required accuracy.”

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Skillflow Ensures Process Reliability Even For Manual Work Steps

Despite more and more automation, people working manually remains central to many tasks in manufacturing. The human sense of touch is powerful and often irreplaceable. It allows us to act with Dexterity – the ability to perform a difficult action quickly and skillfully with our hands. This is one of the many values added by industrial frontline operators, every day.

To maintain a continuous level of vigilance, especially throughout highly repetitive tasks, operators need support, to retain their skill level and to avoid manufacturing errors in the constant process flow. Errors that result in millions of lost minutes and dollars for finding and fixing them. Feedback on the quality of manual labour is urgently needed, as soon as errors occur. In real time.

Skillflow is an intelligent wearable for digitizing manual assembly steps. It provides production staff instant feedback to correct manual errors immediately, allowing the same quality assurance achieved with automation machines to manual assembly processes. Skillflow minimizes manufacturing defects, reduces scrap costs and increases process reliability and customer satisfaction.

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