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Collect, Evaluate, and Visualize Machine Data

In answer to requests from machine tool users around the world, HEIDENHAIN has introduced version 1.4.0 of its popular StateMonitor software platform enabling remote monitoring and data evaluation during real-time manufacturing. StateMonitor optimizes the production environment through a real-time view of manufacturing processes. StateMonitor allows users to intuitively monitor machines on a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

First introduced in 2019, StateMonitor has become an important option with HEIDENHAIN TNC controls to digitally connect and evaluate machine tool data on company networks as part of the Industry 4.0 initiative to boost efficiencies. Connected devices could include CNC control systems of varying brands as well as PCs and Web-based mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

Designed to highlight data usage and encourage time-saving workflow methods using clear-cut charts and graphs, the new StateMonitor V1.4.0 now offers even more benefits. One of the many new features is the ability to monitor tools within a connected machine. This now allows users to collect current tool usage data and avoid unnecessary costs due to premature tool replacement. The new software also now can view countdowns for any programs running.

Other important new functions include the ability to view monitored signals on the Machine Status page, as well as String Signal data. Also, users can now customize the machine status by adding additional ones and changing to their liking when the machine is considered ‘Productive.’ All these new capabilities were added per past users’ requests.

Unlike in past, an interested customer now has the option to purchase a single machine license and can add on the more common five-machine license later if desired. The StateMonitor Single Machine license already contains the “OPC UA Interface” so machines with 3rd-party CNCs can be connected as well.

Another significant offering with this new version is a provision of additional StateMonitor Software Maintenance and Support from HEIDENHAIN. This software maintenance plan gives customers the ability to easily upgrade the software each time a new release is available.

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