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Collaborative Production Robot offers Gauging Automation Opportunities

The recently introduced Wyzo Sidebot is a collaborative delta robot developed for the application of ‘pick and place’. The Wyzo Sidebot can work at high speed and in proximity to humans, without any guarding, and can be used to automate the loading and unloading of gauging stations and coordinate measuring machines (CMM). Sidebots can assist operators in repetitive and tedious tasks allowing companies to allocate their staff to tasks with higher added value.

Wyzo’s cantilevered construction and small footprint allow it to fit naturally into production settings without special integration. Wyzo occupies roughly the same footprint of a human operator and only requires a connection to a standard 110/230 V outlet and a compressed air supply.

Unlike a cobot, a sidebot does not necessarily aim to be able to interact directly with humans. It is there to assist in highly repetitive tasks.  Moreover, its design, the lightness of its moving parts, and its certified “safe” control system allow it to operate at high speeds than a cobot, in complete safety for humans in its proximity.

Traditional industrial robots are intended for high production rates and designed for highly automated tasks with little or no human interaction. In their working environment, they are isolated from humans by protective barriers or cages. The sidebot includes sensors and a control system to detect the presence or interaction with a human and react accordingly, ensuring human integrity and safety.

Wyzo is the first industrial delta robot powered by LiveDrive motors from Genesis Robotics. These specially developed motors give Wyzo collaborative properties for immediate detection and shutdown in the event of a collision. Wyzo’s delta robot, recognizable by its ALPHA arm, is also specially designed with an increased vertical working volume, allowing access to a wide range of conveying heights or pick-up and place positions. Wyzo’s delta robot is designed without pinch points and sharp edges to avoid potential injury points in the case of a collision.

Wyzo’s programming software comes from the GEMINI platform, which has been developed for 20 years by Demaurex SA. Wyzo software is optimized to the maximum to simplify the creation of a new task and optimized for the gripping and placing functionalities. Wyzo can handle parts up to 1Kg in weight and has a working volume of 850mm diameter x 380mm height.

Wyzo can also be integrated with up to 2 cameras for high-speed image processing allowing shape recognition, colour recognition and  dimensional control applications to be performed. For advanced applications Wyzo can also be integrated with up to 2 external cameras and lighting systems. In addition Wyzo integrates a wide range of interfaces for control systems and interaction with peripherals such as conveyors, sensors etc.

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