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Collaboration to Advance Software-Enabled Analysis and Data Visualization

Covalent Metrology, a leading analytical services provider offering one of the largest portfolios of characterization techniques in North America, is working with Digital Surf, a global leader in analytical software development, to offer software tools for data processing and visualization to its range of clients. The collaboration will also allow both companies to pool customer insights in the aim of providing better services and more powerful analysis tools.

Together, the two organizations possess unmatched experience and breadth of understanding in the analytical services business. Digital Surf has partnered with world renown surface profiler and microscope manufacturers for more than 30 years, supplying them with software tools that accompany their instruments to empower robust imaging analysis. To complement Digital Surf’s extensive software expertise, Covalent Metrology brings deep and diverse metrology and material characterization experience across an expanding portfolio of cutting-edge instruments and industry application areas. Active feedback and collaboration between the two organizations will fuel faster development of more effective solutions for analytical software and services.

“This partnership will help bring tailored, automated analytical software solutions for a wide range of techniques and applications,” says Christophe Mignot, CEO of Digital Surf, “We are also excited to work with the Covalent team to identify new features that could help scientists and engineers access improved analytical insight and guide more effective decision making.”

Digital Surf’s Mountains analysis software package, a recognized industry-standard for surface characterization, recently deployed its 9th version and now supports specialized solutions for several imaging techniques as well as multi-instrument data confluence. Covalent is implementing Mountains 9 software with its scanning probe microscopy (SPM) team and will soon expand the software across other advanced imaging analysis group.

“We are thrilled to partner with Digital Surf and are excited about the innovative software and service enhancements the relationship will inspire. Powerful analytical software is absolutely necessary for engineers and scientists to produce the most impactful results possible. It complements cutting-edge instrumentation and expertise with the tools needed to transform raw data into meaningful conclusions,” says Craig Hunter, Chief Executive Officer of Covalent, “By expanding the use of Mountains analysis software alongside our range of instrument technologies, we can help clients access substantially deeper insights.”

As the Mountains 9 suite deploys across select Covalent groups, clients will benefit from more robust statistical analysis, presentation-ready reports, and advanced visualization features. Mountains 9 enables efficient display, manipulation and study of 2D images, profiles, 3D surface topographies including freeform surfaces, spectroscopic maps and more. These can then be investigated with tools that isolate features of interest and extract quantitative measurements of key properties. For customer projects encompassing multiple characterization methods, data can be automatically aggregated and correlated between instruments and techniques.

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