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Cloud Xperience Software Platform Opens Possibilities for AI-Based Clustering and Classification

ISRA VISION has announced the launch ‘Cloud Xperience’. The completely new online software platform for its SMASH inspection systems combines the benefits of cloud computing with intelligent analytics tools for the first time.

With its innovative approach to clustering and classifying defects based on artificial intelligence (AI), Cloud Xperience can help to ramp up production faster, ensure knowledge is accessible at all times, and control processes automatically. In addition to enabling article recipes, log files, image data, and reports to be stored in a central location in the cloud, it offers a location- and system-independent environment in which key process data can be accessed and edited. Furthermore, the platform provides an extensive range of tools for continuously monitoring the status of processes and inspection systems.

As a leading global manufacturer of inline and offline inspection solutions, ISRA VISION develops and produces advanced, turnkey camera systems and lighting technologies. The company harnesses its many years of application experience in a wide variety of industries, combining hardware with intelligent software solutions to offer its customers a comprehensive package from a single source. ISRA VISION has now brought this in-depth application expertise to take on cloud functionalities with its Cloud Xperience online product. This innovative tool that gives users access to AI-based deep learning and machine learning applications that require considerable processing power.

Fast and Automated Defect Classification Due To Artificial Intelligence

One outstanding feature of Cloud Xperience is a completely new generation of QuickTeach, the quality-tuning module already proven in the SMASH systems. With the help of AI, this module is now able to cluster and classify defects and surface characteristics fully automatically.

The system finds image data that previously had to be collated and prepared manually in a time-consuming process, as is still the case with other providers, and uploads it to the cloud, where it is collected, saved, sorted, and then classified automatically. This allows defect patterns to be differentiated from one another and classified much more quickly and reliably, which helps to ramp up production faster. The system can also be further retrained manually with minimal effort if required. Finally, the data records obtained this way can be deployed to all of the operator’s plants so that the same data is available at all sites. No knowledge of AI is required for using this module, which is easy to operate thanks to its modern, intuitive control panels.

Global Condition and Health Monitoring In Real Time

Cloud Xperience comprises a new, cloud-based version of the EPROMI production management intelligence solution from ISRA VISION, including its clustering and classification function. EPROMI live enables comprehensive monitoring of current production KPIs and the inspection systems themselves – across all sites and in real-time. The platform combines relevant quality data, such as the defect rate and system KPIs, with external plant signals. For example, this allows anomalies, such as speed, LED intensity, and web material temperature, to be correlated with defect rates in order to identify facts that can then be used to optimize processes. The results are displayed in clear, configurable ECOCKPITs. It gives the user maximum transparency on how the plant and system parameters of the inspection systems themselves are interacting so that possible maintenance windows can be identified and planned quickly. By storing this data in a central location in the cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere.

Easy to Use Via Web Browser

To use Cloud Xperience, all users need is a conventional device such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone connected to the internet. There is no need for any costly, dedicated hardware. All functions can be accessed, and all processes and inspection systems monitored via the browser-based user interface which makes it easier to collaborate across different sites and simplifies global reporting. ISRA VISION offers a licensing model with a monthly flat rate, so customers only pays for the cloud services actually used.

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