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Automation Alley Announces Integr8 Event Year-Long Format

Integr8, the annual Industry 4.0 conference hosted by Automation Alley, is shifting from a one-day event to a year-long exploration into the digital transformation of manufacturing. The new format will include up to a dozen invite-only roundtable sessions where leaders from industry, academia and government will meet to discuss the opportunities and challenges surrounding various Industry 4.0 topics.

“Integr8 has always been intended to inform the industry about the latest developments and trends related to digital transformation and to educate leaders on what businesses need to do to be ready for and to become part of the revolution,” said Tom Kelly, Automation Alley Executive Director and CEO. “Because the pace of technology change is so rapid, we’ve created a format to allow more touchpoints throughout the year. It also allows us to share insights generated from these sessions more frequently with our ecosystem.”

After successfully hosting Integr8 for six years, Automation Alley decided it was time to re-evaluate the conference and focus on what was working best and develop a fresh format.

“We listened to our attendees and learned what they valued most was the networking and discussions with industry experts and thought leaders,” Kelly said. “Based on that feedback, we developed a new format that will provide more opportunities for thought provoking discussions and the ability to explore the most pressing digital transformation trends and topics more frequently.”

The new series of roundtables will kick off in January and run through September. Topics will include: 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data / IoT, Digital Twin, Augmented / Virtual Reality, Robotics and Quantum Computing.

Each roundtable will be moderated and sponsored by members and partners of Automation Alley and will bring together leaders, innovators and industry experts to shape the future of technology-driven transformation. Following each roundtable, a comprehensive digital playbook will be developed to outline the insights and ideas generated from each session and published on the Integr8 website.

Automation Alley will take the collection of insights from the series of discussions held throughout the year and use them as the basis for the final Integr8 Roundtable Summit, Oct. 3, 2024 at the Book Cadillac in Detroit. The Summit will be a culmination of the most valuable insights learned throughout the year and used to help shape the future of technology-driven transformation.

Roundtable participation will be limited so that attendees are better able to participate in meaningful discussions. Manufacturers of all sizes as well as companies within the technology, government, academia and professional services industries are encouraged to request an invitation to be considered. Companies can find the full agenda and descriptions of each roundtable and request an invitation on the Integr8 website.

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