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Atlas Copco Divests COORD3 and Acquires Soft2tec

Atlas Copco has announced in the reporting of its Q4  2021 financial results that in December 2021 the CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) company COORD3, part of the Perceptron business (acquired in December 2020), was divested. The divestment was a result of further focus on in-line metrology in contrast to offline applications. The CMM business was reported to have annual revenues of about MSEK 100 (MEUR 9.7) and 50 employees. Perceptron acquired COORD3 in February 2015 when it reported annual sales revenues were circa $15 million (MEUR 13.35).

Atlas Copco also reported the demand from the automotive industry for industrial assembly and vision solutions increased, and the order volumes grew compared to the previous year. Sequentially, however, the order intake decreased, primarily due to lower demand in Asia and North America. Compared to the previous year, orders increased in North America and Asia, while volumes in Europe remained basically unchanged. Order volumes for vision solutions to the general industry increased, supported by higher demand from most customer segments. Geographically, and year-on-year, order volumes increased in all regions.

Atlas Copco has reported the acquisition of Soft2tec GmbH. The company manufactures and delivers camera-based tracking systems used for operator guidance in the automotive, aerospace and general industries. The products increase quality in production and are sold under the brand name Nexonar. Soft2tec GmbH is a privately owned company based in Rüsselsheim am Main, Germany, and has 38 employees. In 2020 they had revenues of approximately MEUR 1.87 (19.5 MSEK) and in 2019 MEUR 2,6 (MSEK 27.5).

“Tracking systems in combination with data collection helps our customers improve production quality and productivity,” said Henrik Elmin, Business Area President Industrial Technique. “The Nexonar products are complementary to our current offering and will strengthen our portfolio within smart manufacturing.”

The nexonar Assembly Scout enables dynamic measurement in flow production. The software system can be deployed for dynamic measurement in many areas of continuous flow production in the automotive industry. A reference Tracker is attached to the moving work piece. The reference Tracker forms a coordinate system and defines the target points on the work piece. The nexonar Camera captures the dynamic destination point and sends the location data in virtual real-time to the nexonar Assembly Scout software.

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