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Artec Studio Boosted With Enhanced Functionality

3D scanning and data processing software platform, from Artec3D only recently received game-changing enhancements is getting yet another boost with the latest build, Artec Studio 17.1. While more major updates are lined up for next year’s Artec Studio 18 release, this one empowers users with exciting photogrammetry capabilities that push well into high-end metrology.

This advanced functionality can be unlocked with a plugin to be found within Artec Studio 17.1. Facilitating a complete photogrammetry + 3D scanning workflow within the Artec ecosystem, the plugin provides software support for Artec’s brand new photogrammetry solution, the Artec Metrology Kit, designed to guarantee ultra-high accuracy over large surface areas.

This latest evolution of Artec Studio also gets other improvements that can make a big difference for users including seamlessly exporting multiple entities of different types – meshes, sections, CAD models, etc – directly to SOLIDWORKS. CAD-to-mesh transformations are now also possible.

The new ‘Distance Map’ functionality lets users set tolerance values when comparing a mesh with a CAD model, and assess deviation with color-coded labels making it clear which parts of the mesh aren’t within specifications. Boolean operations now work with assemblies, and allows the preview of preliminary results before launching operations.

Users can also now also export photogrammetry target clouds directly into Geomagic Control X.

A raft of quality-of-life enhancements, described as, “the kind that you might not know you’ve been missing until you get them” are also included in the release including instant re-calculation of the 3D Compare map, a flip button that lets users quickly turn over a selected area and calculate another part of the model, progress bars for hole-filling and boolean operations.

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